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Special Education Transportation

Curb-to-curb transportation service is available for Special Education students.  Eligibility for this service is determined in the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).  If you are unsure if your student has been authorized to receive curb-to-curb transportation services, please contact the Special Education Department at (510) 659-2569.


Applications Required for Each School Session

Requests for transportation services do not carry over from session to session (regular school year to summer school, etc.).  New applications for service must be submitted to the Special Education Department before each school session.  Failure to submit applications before posted deadlines will result in processing delays.


Processing Time

It can take up to ten (10) business days to process new applications and changes to existing service.  Parents/guardians are responsible for providing transportation for their students until advised by the Transportation Department that service is ready to begin.  To prevent processing delays, parents/guardians should:

  • Submit applications for transportation service before posted deadlines
  • Notify their student’s school and the Transportation Department immediately if there is a change of address
  • Contact the Transportation Department immediately to request any changes in service


Address Changes

Address changes must be made IN WRITING to the Special Education Coordinator, Meghan McAndrews, via email, fax, or in person at the Transportation Department office.  Address changes reported by phone will not be processed.



Due to a school bus driver shortage, curb-to-curb transportation services for your student may be provided by a contractor.  Presently, FUSD utilizes the services of the following companies:

  • Go Green Transportation
  • American Logistics Company (ALC)
  • Pawar Transportation

Parents/guardians will be notified if their student’s transportation services will be provided by a contractor.



Parents/guardians who prefer to transport their students themselves and would like to sign up for mileage reimbursement should contact Holly Midyette in the Special Education Department at (510) 657-2350 ext. 12227.



Fremont Unified School District
Dispatch 510-657-1450 ext. 13147
Meghan McAndrews, Special Education Coordinator 510-657-1450 ext. 13101
Special Education Department 510-659-2569


Go Green Transportation - Dispatch 510-464-7336
American Logistics Company (ALC) - Dispatch 855-607-7395
Pawar Transportation - Dispatch 925-938-6565