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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

General Information

Q: My student rode the bus last year. Do I need to do anything for my child to ride again this year?

A: Yes.  A new application for bus service should be submitted EVERY YEAR.


School Bus Transportation Eligibility

Q:  Is my child eligible for a school bus?

A: For regular education students, eligibility is based on the student’s proximity to the school site.  Please see the “Bus Pass Information and Fees” section for more information.

For special education students, eligibility for school bus services will be determined in the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).  Please contact the Special Education Department for more information.


Purchasing a Bus Pass

Q:  How do I purchase a bus pass for my child and how much does is cost?

A:  Bus passes may be purchased online at or in person at the Transportation Department office.  Please see the “Bus Pass Information Fees” section for more information.


Q: If I choose to purchase a bus pass in person at the Transportation Department office, how long does the process take?

A: In most cases, the process should take about 10-15 minutes.


Q: Do I need to bring my student to the Transportation Department to take a bus pass photo?

A: In most cases, no.  Only students who are new to the district or enrolled after school picture day will need to come to the Transportation Department office for a photo.


Q: Can I bring my family with me to the office?

A: We only need one adult and the student (if a photo is needed) to come to the Transportation Department office in order to process a bus pass request.  This is a small office without a waiting area, so it is recommended that non-essential family members do not accompany you to the office.

Q: I purchased a bus pass online. Now what?
A:  We will contact you via US mail, email, or phone call to provide you with the route information or notify you of any additional steps required.  The bus pass will then be mailed to your home, made available for pickup at the Transportation Department office, or given to the bus driver for distribution.  You do not need to come to the Transportation Department office unless instructed to do so.


Cancelling a Bus Pass

Q:  I no longer need the bus pass I purchased.  How do I cancel and receive a refund?

A:  Bus passes may be cancelled any time by returning the pass to the Transportation Department office.  Please "Cancellation Policy" section on the Bus Pass Information and Fees page for more information.


Q: Do I need to cancel the bus pass at the end of the semester/school year?

A: No. All bus passes expire automatically on the last day of academic term for which they were purchased (either full school year or semester).


Making Changes to an Existing Bus Pass

Q: I recently moved.  How do I change my child's bus stop?

A: The first step is to verify your new address with your child's school, as school site placement may change based on your new address.  Once this has been done, you may call or visit the Transportation Department office to provide us with the updated address.  We will then make the required changes and print an updated bus pass, if needed.


Q: Can request changes to the bus pass during the school year?

A: Yes. Contact the Transportation Department to make the desired changes.  Depending on the change you would like to make, you may own additional money or be entitled to a refund.

Please note that there is a $20 fee to make changes to an existing bus pass.  With this in mind, if you think you may need to change between a one way and round trip pass multiple times during the school year, it is recommended that you purchase a round trip pass and use it as often as you need it rather than make repeated changes.


Bus Stops

Q: Can my general education student board or disembark the bus at any FUSD bus stop?

A: For the safety of the students, bus drivers will only pick up and drop off students at the bus stop printed on their bus passes (denoted by a 4-digit code).


Q: Can my student use a bus stop near a daycare provider instead of near my home?

A: Yes, but only if the address of the daycare provider is eligible for transportation (see the "Bus Pass Information and Fees" section for more details), and there is an appropriate bus stop along an existing bus route from the school of enrollment.  Bus routes will not be altered to accommodate special requests for transportation to or from a daycare facility.


Transportation from Home

Q:  Is it possible for my student to be picked up/dropped off at my home?

A:  It depends on the student’s enrollment:

  • Special education students - Yes, if authorized by the Special Education Department in the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).
  • Regular education students - No.  Regular education students who qualify for school bus transportation will be assigned to a bus stop within their neighborhood.  Students will only be picked up and dropped off at their assigned bus stops.


Q:  Can my regular education student be picked up/dropped off at home with my special education student?

A:  No.


After school programs/childcare

Q:  My child is enrolled in an after school program or after school childcare.  Is transportation available?

A:  No, school bus transportation is NOT available for these optional programs.  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide or arrange transportation for students enrolled in these programs.


Transitional Kindergarten (TK)

Q:  My child is enrolled in Transitional Kindergarten (TK).  Can my student take the school bus?

A:  In general, parents/guardians are responsible for providing transportation for TK students; however, TK students may ride a school bus only if an appropriate bus route already exists for regular kindergarten students.  New bus routes will NOT be created to accommodate TK students.  To check if school bus transportation is available for your TK student, please contact the FUSD Transportation Department.


Inter- and Intra-district Transfer Students

Q: My student is attending a school of my choice on an inter- or intra-district transfer that has been approved by Fremont Unified.  Can my student utilize school bus transportation services?

A: In general, parents/guardians are responsible for providing transportation for students attending a particular school on an inter- or intra-district transfer since it was their choice to have their student enrolled in a school outside his/her attendance area; however, if an appropriate bus route already exists, parents may purchase a bus pass for their students.  New bus routes will NOT be created to accommodate students on an inter- or intra-district transfer.


Overloaded Students

Q: My student has been overloaded from the home school to an alternative school.  Is school bus transportation available?

A:  The Transportation Department understands that many students are overloaded each year from their home school to an alternative school site due to overcrowding.  With this in mind, school bus routes are created each year to accommodate as many overloaded students as possible.  In most cases, transportation can be established from the home school to the assigned school; however, some neighborhoods will have a regular bus stop available for use.  If an appropriate school bus route does not exist, the Transportation Department will make an effort to create a route for an overloaded student upon purchase of a bus pass.  In the event that a new route cannot be established for an overloaded student, the bus pass fee will be refunded.


Q:  Is transportation free for overloaded students?

A:  No.  FUSD requires parents/guardians to purchase a bus pass for all school bus riders unless they qualify for free busing based on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or low income status.

Requests for new routes for overloaded students will NOT be forwarded to our routing staff without payment or proof of eligibility for free busing.  In the event that the routing staff is unable to establish an appropriate route for an overloaded student, parents/guardians will receive a refund.


Q:  How long will it take to create a new bus route for an overloaded student?

A:  It typically takes at least three (3) to five (5) business days to establish a new bus route for an overloaded student; however, it may take longer at the beginning of the school year or semester due to high demand.  While routes are being established, parents/guardians will need to make alternative transportation arrangements for their children.