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SURFBoardE Overview

Students United for Representation to the Fremont Unified School District Board of Education

SURF 2020-2021

SURFBoardE is a student group comprised of fifteen students from schools in the Fremont Unified School District. It includes three representatives from each high school, American, Irvington, Kennedy, Mission, Washington, and one rep from Robertson. The student group serves as a liaison between the 35,000 students of FUSD and the district's Board of Education. The SURFBoardE meets two times a month to discuss student issues, plan the District Representative Conference (DRC), and most importantly be the student voice at a district level.


At the July 29, 2020 Board Meeting, Trustees moved to reevaluate the SRO program relationship we have with the City of Fremont and directed staff to establish an advisory group as due diligence in the reevaluation process. 6 student reps will be selected for the task force, and students can apply through the following link:

Get Involved in the District

Student representation at a district level is crucial! Joining Committees at District - Main is an easy way to help make a difference and earn community service hours. Like us on Facebook @FUSDSURF and follow us on Instagram @fusd.surfboarde to get student-specific district updates. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, email us at To apply for SURFBoardE look for announcements on our Facebook page, your school's announcements, Schoolloop news, and ASB communication platforms (applications open around March). 

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