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New school year begins with additional Measure E bond projects completed

(Fremont, CA, Sept. 14, 2018) – While students and staff were off for the summer months, schools and facilities in the Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) were bustling with activity as construction crews maximized the short window of opportunity to pack in as much construction as possible. The projects are part of the continued implementation of the $650 million Measure E Bond passed by voters in 2014 to improve school facilities.


“It’s exciting to see these projects coming together to ensure our students and staff have updated facilities optimized for teaching and learning,” said Dr. Kim Wallace, FUSD Superintendent. “We’ve honed the number of overall bond projects to where we can focus more on volume per project as we continue to check them off the list.”


One of the most comprehensive projects of the summer was the continued upgrades to Walters Junior High School, which is part of the District’s conversion of all five junior high schools to middle schools. While the overall conversion at Walters won’t be completed until fall 2019 with three new classroom buildings, construction this summer included the installation of underground utilities, technology upgrades, new flooring and lighting, new ceilings and interior and exterior paint. Classrooms also received new cabinets and the buildings have new heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and fire alarm systems.


aerial view of Walters

An aerial view of Walters Junior High School, which underwent extensive modernization upgrades this summer. The campus will be transformed into a middle school by fall 2019 with three additional buildings currently under construction.


repainted exterior

Photos of Walters JHS repainted exterior, part of the school’s modernization.


JHS classroom before and after

A sample of a Walters JHS classroom before and after the summer modernization upgrades.


locker rooms

The Walters JHS locker rooms went through an extensive renovation.


In addition to Walters, the Horner Junior High conversion to a middle school will continue throughout the 2018-19 school year. The conversion of Centerville and Thornton junior high schools to middle schools will be completed in fall 2021, and the conversion of Hopkins Junior High School to a middle school will be finalized in 2022.


Construction crews were also busy wrapping up other projects for this year’s start of school:
polishes the floor of a classroom at Oliveira Elementary

  • Grimmer Elementary School – New HVAC units are being installed, along with new storm drain infrastructure and concrete walkways. New security fencing along with full-height replacement gates will be installed later this fall.
  • Mission Valley Elementary School – New HVAC units are being installed along with new underground domestic water and sewer lines.
  • Oliveira Elementary School – New concrete walkways were poured around the campus to increase accessibility. Old flooring that contained asbestos was removed and new flooring was installed in classrooms and offices. New HVAC units are also being installed.
  • Washington High School – A brand-new, two-classroom building was just completed and occupied. An additional two-story, 10-classroom science building is also under construction and scheduled to open in fall 2019.

ext WHS

The new Frog (flexible response to ongoing growth) building, which uses prefabricated components, houses two classrooms at Washington High School.


Washington High School

Washington High School - new Frog building interior


  • Technology Upgrades – Schools in the first phase of this rollout received new integrated VoIP telephone, clock, bell and public address systems to enhance overall communications and improve safety. The first phase includes:

o Brier Elementary School/Glankler Early Learning
o Durham Elementary School
o Glenmoor Elementary School
o Green Elementary School Grimmer Elementary School
o Hirsch Elementary School
o Parkmont Elementary School
o Walters Junior High School

The implementation of this Districtwide technology upgrade project is ongoing and will continue until each District site is complete.

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On June 3, 2014, the voters of Fremont approved the $650 million Measure E general obligation bond initiative. The scope of the bond work includes upgrading and repairing neighborhood schools by updating technology and aging classrooms; upgrading electrical wiring to current safety codes; fixing or replacing leaky roofs, aging plumbing and restrooms; removing asbestos; and repairing, constructing and acquiring equipment, classrooms, sites and facilities. Sign up for Measure E News!