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WHS Staff Earn California DECA Awards


Washington High School was well-represented at the California DECA Career Development Conference Awards Ceremony, March 4th, in Santa Clara. Business Education Instructor, Lisa Marie Burns, earned California DECA 'Business Person of the Year,' while Math Instructor, Vincent Wu, was named 'Advisor of the Year' for their work with Washington DECA students.  

Below are the transcripts that were read for each Award:

Lisa-Marie Burns

California is home to some of the world’s most innovative, entrepreneurial, advanced, and greatest businesses in the world.  And, California DECA is especially fortunate to have the support from so many of these business and industry leaders supporting our program at the local, district, and state level.
This year’s DECA Businessperson of the Year has promoted DECA in Election Assemblies and Parent Showcases and works throughout her school district to champion DECA and Career Technical Education.  This leader is an advocate and an ambassador for us - always willing to jump in whether its being a chaperone, a judge, or just a caring and critical encourager who takes competitors to the next level with her feedback.
She has started scholarships and funding programs for emerging leaders and entrepreneurs.  She has supported her local DECA chapter with her own funds. She has been a coach and a guide to teachers helping them to obtain their CTE credentials to continue growing and expanding DECA.
And, she has done all of this while growing and expanding her own financial consulting firm, serving as an educator, and pursuing her PHD in Organizational Leadership.
The students, teachers, and parents of Washington High School DECA said it best, “she has poured her heart into DECA.” AND, that’s why we are so happy to share the DECA love to this year’s California DECA Business Person of the Year—the soon-to-be DR. Lisa-Marie Burns.


Vincent Wu
California DECA is home to the world’s greatest educators and many of them are here tonight serving as our business teachers and DECA advisors.
Our California DECA Advisor of the Year has been on a fast track since founding a DECA program in 2012.  He is described as careful and caring….selfless and smooth…considerate and committed….passionate and a leader with great personality.
His students say, “He is one of THOSE teachers. The teacher who puts all of his energy into everything he does…the teacher who wants their students to have the best experiences possible.  The teacher you can talk to about anything at anytime about DECA and even non-DECA to get advice.”
The Board of Directors and State Officers agree with his students as well.  One of the things that makes this DECA advisor special to all of us is that he has not just been an encourager and dedicated to his own chapter—which would be very easy to do when you first start a program.  Instead, he has been diligent in reading and understanding all of the DECA word. He makes sure materials are completed, quality, thorough and done on time. And, even though this advisor is newer, he serves other DECA schools in the area and was recently appointed to be the NorCal District Action Team Advisor.
While he started DECA as a mathematics teacher he has been so inspired and driven by DECA that he made it a priority this year to go from LEGIT…to OFFICIALLY LEGIT as a CTE Credentialed Teacher by the California Department of Education.
Ladies and gentlemen, please help us honor our California DECA Advisor of the Year, from Washington High School DECA—Mr. Vincent Wu!
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