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Weibel Maze Day Online INFO

Weibel Maze Day Online INFO

Maze is online and has gone live and has been a great success! If you have not been able to access the Maze Day Online portal, please contact the office. Thank you to the Maze team, our secretary Dora, and CTO Joe Siam and his team in the district Technology Department.

When you complete your online process, please remember to SAVE and LOG OUT. If you do not save and log out, you will NOT get the class assignment(s) and the information and could lead to errors: your information could be edited by another parent and/or link children that are not in the same family. PLEASE SAVE AND LOG OUT. No activity on the screen for 15 seconds will automatically log you out.

This Maze Day Online process is a pilot for Weibel students only. If you have children in other schools, please follow their school's instructions about Maze Day, or see their first-day-of-school packets.