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Board Meeting Highlights - January 30, 2019


At its January 30th meeting, The FUSD Board of Education:




  • Reviewed the District's 2017-18 Audit Report - The District's independent auditor, Vavrinek, Trine, Day & Co., conducted an audit of the district's financial statement and records for fiscal year 2017-18. VTD issued an "Unmodified Opinion" report for the district.  An "Unmodified Opinion" means that the financial statements are presented fairly, in all material respects, and in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework.  The audit report shows no audit findings. 


  • Received Budget Update - Staff provided the Board of Education and the community with a presentation on the potential impact of the Governor's Proposed Budget to Fremont Unified School District. Attached is a presentation that provides the highlights of the State budget proposal.



  • Budget Balancing Solutions Follow-Up - The District's 2018-19 adopted budget was developed using set assumptions, which include projected enrollment and the proposed State budget from the Governor. Based on these assumptions, the District is able to maintain its minimum reserve of 3%, without implementing any budget reductions. The District's multi-year budget projection (MYP) was prepared using assumptions including enrollment projections and estimates provided by the Department of Finance. Based on these assumptions, the District needs to enhance its revenues and/or reduce expenditures by approximately $0.5 million and an additional $1.7 million in 2019-20 and 2020-21, respectively, in order to maintain a minimum of 3.0% reserve. The MYP did not include projection for any salary and benefit increases for 2018-19 and the next 2 years. The cost of 1% of the general fund salaries and benefits for all employees is $3,194,000. See budget balancing solutions presentation here.


  • Approved Formation of a Special Education District Advisory Committee (SEDAC) - The purpose of this committee will be to study issues pertaining to special education in FUSD.  Currently there is not a committee that serves the specific purpose of studying issues pertaining to special education in FUSD.  SEDAC would address issues selected by the committee members for study which differs from the CAC, SELC and SEPTA formats. The proposed composition of SEDAC would include parents, two board members and one member of each bargaining unit. 


  • Authorized Staff to Amend the Agreement with DSA School Inspectors, Inc. to Provide Project Inspector Services for Bringhurst Elementary School - The Board authorized staff to amend the agreement with DSA School Inspectors, Inc. in the amount of $125,400 to provide project inspector services for Bringhurst Elementary School. This brings the total contract amount to $560,470. Project inspector fees are based on project durations and District staff was recently informed that, due to a two-month delay of the release of plans from the Division of the State Architect, Union Sanitary District complications, excessive rain and the northern California fires that forced work stoppages, the project has been delayed. The new anticipated delivery of the school is early May 2019. This delay does not affect the anticipated school occupancy of fall 2019.


  • Adopted Resolution 015-1819 Acknowledging Commitment of Proposition 51 Funding - The Board adopted a resolution acknowledging commitment of proposition 51 funding. The District has actively pursued these funds and received $3.5 million total and has submitted applications for $52.9 million, which is being reviewed by the Office of Public Schools Construction (OPSC). The District is also in the process of completing applications for an additional $14.3 million in Funding for modernization projects. In order for new construction projects to be eligible for funding under a future State bond, OPSC requires that the Board of Education adopt a resolution acknowledging that Proposition 51 funding for new construction projects has been fully committed. If approved, the District will be in line for funding when sufficient Proposition 51 bonds are sold.


  • Authorized Allocation of Funds to the Middle School Conversion Projects; Receive Information and Provide Direction Related to the Prioritization Concept of the Remaining Measure E Projects Not Yet Started - The Board allocated $45.5 million of Measure E funds to the remainder of the middle school conversion projects (Centerville and Hopkins Middle Schools) and provided direction related to reprioritization of remaining Measure E projects not yet started. There is approximately $98 million in remaining Measure E funds available for reprioritization. Staff provided a conceptual recommendation to prioritize previously identified projects into roughly equal segments, for example, five segments of about $20 million each that could be implemented in a staggered timeline over the next several years. The Board was open to this concept and directed this item be sent to the Facilities Advisory Committee to review, make recommendations and bring back to the Board to set priorities. Staff developed the attached presentation, which illustrates prioritization concept, so as to assist the Board in making future decisions. 


  • Authorized Staff to Enter into an Agreement with QKA for Architectural Services for the New Construction Project at the Williamson Property Site - The Board authorized staff to enter into agreement with QKA Architects for an amount not to exceed $3,939,175 for architectural services for the new construction project at the Williamson property site and park. The District will share the cost 50/50 with the City of Fremont for the park designs. Sale of Site Funds will be used for the District portion until such time that the funding for the construction of the new construction project at the Williamson property site is determined. Board approves by 4-1 vote (Trustee Berke votes Nay)


See Video of entire meeting here 

The Board’s next Regular Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 13th, 6:00pm (time subject to change), at the District Office Board Room – 4210 Technology Dr. – in Fremont.