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December 12, 2018, FUSD Board of Education Meeting – Measure E Bond Program

The Board took the following action on agenda items related to the Measure E Bond Program:


Received the quarterly financial status update on the 2014 Measure E Bond Program. Projects are proceeding according to the timeline and budgets outlined in the implementation plan, or as subsequently revised by Board action. Staff and consultants bring the latest financial report to the Board every quarter. The report reflects current transactions and Board approved budgets and is current as of Sept. 30, 2018. To date, approximately $117 million of Board-approved projects have been completed, with $365.8 million in projects still in progress.



Received a presentation on the status of the new construction and modernization project and directed staff to postpone the timeline of the Horner Middle School conversion by one year, until fall 2020. Construction remains on schedule but the delay in approval from the Division of the State Architect impacted the start of construction at Horner, reducing the overall duration to complete the project prior to the original August 2019 conversion schedule. In order to address other potential impacts resulting from factors such as unusually wet weather conditions, materials procurement challenges due to shortage of raw materials, and delays in utility connections, staff prepared an option to delay the middle school conversion until 2020-21.


By pursuing this proposed alternate plan, some project costs will be credited back to the District. This alternate plan will allow for substantial completion of all core facilities and a safer transition because construction will be minimized around the student population. Board members mentioned they spoke with the principal, who supported the delay and also cited optimized student safety, the number of other construction projects, and ample time remaining to inform parents and adjust staffing needs accordingly as reasons to modify the Horner conversion timetable now. The schedule for the District’s other four middle school conversions remains unchanged.



Authorized staff to amend the prequalification process in compliance with California Public Contract Code 20111.6. In order to simplify the prequalification process and to attract an additional competitive pool of prequalified contractors and subcontractors, staff recommend revisions to the pre-qualification tiers, as described in this exhibit. The new standards reduce the number of tiers and widen the ranges to encourage more contractors and subcontractors to bid on projects.

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