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Board Highlights - September 13, 2017


At its September 13th meeting, The FUSD Board of Education:


Approved FUSD 2016-17 Unaudited Actual Financial Report - The attached Unaudited Actual Financial Report provides FUSD's 2016-17 actual revenues, expenditures, ending fund balances, and reserves. In summary, the District's general fund ended with a fund balance of $36.4 million. This is an increase of $10.4 million over the originally projected balance. The increase in fund balance was primarily made up of unspent entitlements, which are mostly from categorical programs. These funds are earmarked for specific purposes, which are prescribed by the federal and state agencies, and/or local donors. The unspent entitlements have been committed for 2017-18 expenditures. The District's reserve as of June 30, 2017, is $7.1 million or 2%. See full presentation here.


Received Report on the Process and Status of State Facilities Funding through Prop 51 - The District has proceeded with construction of projects that will be eligible for state matching funds. As projects are completed, the District's consultant, School Facilities Consultants (SFC), has filed applications with the Office of Public School Construction (OPSC) for reimbursement of funding. Once the state of California sells bonds, the District will be in line for reimbursement of eligible expenditures. SFC staff prepared an update for the Board which gave an overview of the funding process along with an estimate of potential reimbursements.


Authorized Staff to Renew Agreement with Cooperative Strategies Inc. for Demographic Studies – In 2014, the District partnered with Dolinka Group, LLC (now Cooperative Strategies, Inc.) to provide demographic services. The fees will continue at $23,500 per year plus estimated annual reimbursable expenses of $1,500. To illustrate the accuracy of the enrollment projections provided by Cooperative Strategies, Inc., the variance rate over the last two school years (2015-16 and 2016-17) between projected and actual enrollment is 0.45%, compared to an industry accepted variance rate of 1.5%.  The 2017-18 actual enrollment will be finalized in the first week of October, 2018, which is the official cut-off date established by the State.


Received Update on the American High School Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) Project and Authorized Staff to Increase the Project Budget - The budget for the Phase 1 HVAC upgrade, Information Technology (IT) upgrade, flooring, and exterior lighting project is $17.56 million ($17,128,408 mechanical, roofing and IT scope plus $435,472 flooring and exterior lighting scope). The project team has completed the design and is prepared to submit it to the Division of the State Architect. The current estimated project cost is approximately $31.63 million. The project is currently $14.07 million over budget. The Measure E Bond team has conducted an in-depth budget and scope analysis of the project to address the budget shortfall and staff identified three options for the Board to review and consider. Staff reviewed these options with the Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) at their May 3, 2017, meeting and to the Board of Education at the July 26, 2017 meeting. Based on the feedback provided by the Board at that meeting, staff has developed a fourth option. Staff reviewed option 4 with the CBOC at their September 6, 2017 meeting. On the same date, staff also met with American High School Facilities Committee and provided the attached presentation.

Option #4 - Recommended Scope

In this option, the scope of the project would be modified as articulated below:

  • Reduce the HVAC scope of work to include new HVAC in classrooms and science laboratories only (as described in the original option 2). The new HVAC system will be a split system (with the equipment located on the ground) instead of packaged units on the roof, eliminating the need for structural upgrades.
  • Replace the rented chiller with a new chiller serving the commons areas and the 500 wing. 
  • Full IT infrastructure scope of work that complies with District standard, similar to the 30 other IT projects in the District.
  • Roof restoration where required in lieu of total roof replacement at main building and gym.
  • Staff recommended increasing the project budget by $3,850,834 from Measure E Program contingency and proceeding with the project implementation.


Adopted Resolution 004-1718 Authorizing the Transfer of Funds from the General Fund to the Cafeteria Fund to Balance the Budget - The Unaudited Actual Financial Report was prepared at the close of year 2016-17 and reflects a deficit of $2.012 million dollars to the Cafeteria Fund. Staff recommended Board approval of Resolution 004-1718, which would authorize the transfer of $2.012 million from Fund 1 (General Fund) to Fund 13.  Approval of this resolution would supersede Resolution 014-1617 authorizing long-term borrowing from Fund 40 to Fund 13.


Authorized Staff to Enter into an Agreement with Solution Tree for Professional Development - Staff would like to continue to work with Solution Tree by providing a second year of PLC support for our Title 1 schools.  In addition, six additional schools would like to support PLC work at their sites. These six additional sites include: American, Washington, Irvington, Azevada, Oliveira, and Green. Each school has been matched up with a Solution Tree Associate. The Associate will provide each school with customized training which includes: two days of on-site training with ILT and administration and two days of on-site embedded coaching with administration and school staff as a follow-up to the training. The Associates will work with sites for a total of 40 days - equivalent to four days per school site. Through the implementation of PLCs, student outcomes have improved. The training and coaching sessions are designed to develop internal capacity for implementing and sustaining PLCs, with a focus on the best practices for collaboration, instruction and assessment.



See Video of entire meeting here 


The Board’s next Regular Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 27, 6:30pm (time subject to change), at the District Office Board Room – 4210 Technology Dr. – in Fremont.