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FUSD Student-Composers’ Work Featured by Fremont Symphony

Six FUSD student-composers heard their work featured by the Fremont Symphony Orchestra at the annual Young Composers Concert, Tuesday, March 21st, at Ohlone College.


FUSD, in conjunction with the Fremont Symphony Orchestra, sponsors a Young Composer’s Competition for students in grades four through six. The competition is open to both public and private schools in the Tri-City area. Each participating elementary school selects one winning original musical composition to submit for consideration. Musician Consultant selects the winning entries, writes musical arrangements for the symphony orchestra to perform, and writes the narration for the performance. The Fremont Symphony Orchestra performs the final winning compositions at a Children’s Concert, which is free to students in the Tri-City area to attend. FUSD students whose work was featured are:

Student                                    School                                      Composition

Michelle Chan                         Warm Springs Elem.                Snowflake the Bunny

Oliver Corro                            Durham Elementary                 Rush!!!

Isabella Danner-Vera              Parkmont Elementary               Slithering Space Snake

Ardish Kar                               Ardenwood Elementary           Falling Snow

Alison Lau                               Vallejo Mill Elem.                   A Square Dance

Wang Yuxi Yang                     Blacow Elementary                 Peaceful Dreams

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