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FUSD Students Help Local Businesses Identify Energy Savings

Students representing two FUSD high schools are helping Fremont businesses conserve energy and save money as part of the nationwide ‘Kilowatt Smackdown.’


Hosted by the Green Impact Campaign, the Kilowatt Smackdown is a nationwide competition where students compete against one another to see who can complete the most energy assessments for local businesses in their community. Students gain skills, earn prizes, and help local businesses save energy.


Over an eight-week period, five teams of students representing Mission San Jose and Washington High Schools competed against one another to see who could complete the most energy assessments for local Fremont businesses. Sponsored by the City of Fremont, these free energy assessments consisted of energy efficiency recommendations and cost savings. The five student teams helped 482 local businesses identify annual energy savings of over three-million kWh, water savings of 260,000 gallons and overall utility bill savings of $637,000. Along the way, these students earned cash prizes, company apparel, and tours of local sustainability companies.


All participating businesses will be followed up with regarding relevant utility rebate programs for energy and water efficiency upgrades, as well as be encouraged to participate in the Alameda County Green Business Program. The top student teams were:


Life Hertz (Washington) – 226 Assessments: Winner of $1,000 Scholarship (sponsored by City of Fremont) & Tesla Jackets + T-shirts


Team Watts Up (Mission San Jose) – 210 Assessments: Winner of $500 Scholarship (sponsored by Opterra Energy Services) & Tesla T-shirts


Team Adventure (Mission San Jose) – 28 Assessments: Winner of $250 Scholarship (sponsored by California Environmental Solutions, LLC) & Tesla T-shirts


All participating students have earned official certificates and service hours for their school. Visit for more information.