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Board Meeting Highlights - December 14th, 2016


Board Meeting Highlights – December 14th, 2016

At its December 14th meeting, The FUSD Board of Education:

Elected Trustee Ann Crosbie as Board President, Trustee Dr. Yang Shao as Board Vice President, and Trustee Dr. Michele Berke as Board Clerk for 2017.

Appointed Durham Elementary School Title I Program Specialist, Trisha Johnson, as Assistant Principal at Warwick Elementary, effective January 9th, 2017. Johnson will replace current AP Tammy Pachote, who will take over as Principal at Leitch Elementary following Winter Break.

Approved funding scenario for acquisition of property located at 43100 Isle Royal Street, Fremont, CA (commonly known as Rix Center) - On October 26, 2016, the Board of Trustees (Board) authorized the Superintendent to sign a letter of intent setting forth the preliminary intentions of the FUSD and Kidango, Inc., regarding the purchase and sale of the approximately 2.56 acre property located at 43100 Isle Royal Street in Fremont. The Board requested staff to present additional scenarios for its consideration and approval. Attached is updated presentation.

Received information regarding a proposed Resolution in support of reducing the negative impacts of unrestricted land development on Fremont schools - Since 2010, FUSD has experienced significant, annual increases in student enrollment. Schools are currently operating beyond their capacity and this has resulted in several hardship conditions such as: 

  • over 2,000 students being overloaded away from their neighborhood school; 

  • traveling/roving teachers at all secondary schools; 

  • insufficient core facilities (restrooms, library space, playground acreage, multi-use room space, etc.). 

    Temporary solutions such as portable classrooms, overloading students to schools with available spaces, roving teachers, and other stop-gap measures have failed to adequately address the overcrowding problem that exists across the district. Consideration of this resolution is aligned to Board of Education Tenet #9  Our facilities should be physically equitable, safe, aesthetically pleasing, and have adequate space to provide an environment conducive to teaching and learning.

Authorized funds for installation of new temporary classroom buildings at Thornton and Horner Junior High Schools, American and Washington High Schools, and permanent science laboratories at Washington High School - Based on the latest demographic report and staffing projections, staff recommends the following:

  • Accommodate all elementary students in existing spaces. While the Washington Attendance Area will be short seven classrooms, there are nine classrooms available in the Kennedy and Mission attendance areas to accept overloads.

  • Install an additional three temporary classrooms at Thornton Junior High School. This will accommodate the projected increase in enrollment through the 2019-20 school year.

  • Install an additional two temporary classrooms at Horner Junior High School. This will accommodate the projected increase in enrollment through the 2018-19 school year.

  • Install an additional two temporary classrooms and one toilet building at American High School. This will accommodate the projected increase in enrollment until the new permanent classroom wings are completed.

  • Install additional classrooms at Washington High School. There are no permanent classroom addition projects planned for Washington High School in the current Implementation Plan for Measure E. Staff has reviewed the needs for the next three years and recommends that the Board approve a total of seven classrooms for Washington High School to accommodate the projected enrollment growth for the next three years.

Held Public Hearing and Adopted of Resolution 009-1617 authorizing the levying of Level III Developer Fees - On October 28, 2016, the Court of Appeal issued its order denying CBIA’s request for issuance of a writ of supersedeas, and lifted its stay of all proceedings in the litigation.  On November 1, 2016, the trial court filed its formal order memorializing its ruling from August 22 and 29, 2016: (1) denying CBIA’s request for a preliminary injunction; (2) terminating the temporary restraining order entered on May 26, 2016; and (3) denying CBIA’s ex parte application for issuance of a temporary stay from the ruling denying the preliminary injunction. Currently, no order, law, or directive is in place that prevents the District from imposing Level III fees.  Due to continued growth in District enrollment, District staff requests the Board authorize the District to levy Level III developer fees of $16.38 per square foot of residential construction, in accordance with the SFNA, and as authorized by Government Code section 65995.7. Read Resolution here.   

Approved Science Sequence 3-Year proposal and courses - Secondary Education and the Curriculum & Instruction Department have developed a proposal for an updated sequence of three high school science courses. This proposed sequence will replace NGSS 1, Biology, Honors Biology, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, and Physics. Those courses will be replaced with Physics in the Universe (Grade 9), the Living Earth (Grade 10), and Chemistry of Earth Systems (Grade 11). Fremont Unified School District will continue to meet its credentialing obligation for all of its science teachers within this new sequence. The order of the sequence was a consensus decision from high school staff and administration. We have been supported by the Alameda County Office of Education and the writers of the California State Science Framework in many meetings over the last four years that have helped shape the many district meetings that have been held on the science courses and the sequencing. See the attached sequencing document for the phase-in process starting in 2017-18 and full implementation by 2019-20.

Approved the College Readiness Block Grant (CRBG) Plan - The Fremont Unified College Readiness Block Grant plan was developed using existing guiding documents in the district including the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and California State Standards Plan (CSSP) to ensure consistency in executing our mission to improve student outcomes. The district is already focused on providing programs and approaches to increase college readiness and this block grant allocation of $374,942 will further support those efforts.  The plan is divided into three key areas to support unduplicated students:

1) Increase exposure and access to college: $100,000

2) Provide interventions to close academic gaps: $174,942

3) Build capacity of parents and staff: $100,000


Approved purchase of Document Cameras and Classroom Projectors - The district requested bids from vendors to provide the document cameras and classroom projectors that meet district technology standards. The low bid for both the document cameras and classroom projectors was submitted by Troxell Communications. The total amount for 350 document cameras and classroom projectors is $444,570. District technology staff will install the document cameras and classroom projectors. Staff will purchase additional audio-visual carts at a cost of $19,000 to adequately outfit classrooms that do not have a cart. District staff presented this plan to the Technology Advisory Committee at its December 5, 2016 meeting; TAC is supportive of this recommendation.

Approved first Interim Budget Report for 2016-2017 - The District’s general fund revenues are projected to increase by $6.6 million from the Adopted Budget, to $339.6 million. Expenditures are projected to increase by $19.9 million to $351.9 million. The attached budget analysis shows the detailed explanation of the changes from the Adopted Budget to the First Interim Budget. As a result of the changes in the revenues and expenditures, the ending fund balance is projected to decrease by approximately $6.1 million from the Adopted Budget.  This leaves a reserve of approximately $7.2 million or 2.05%, a decrease of $7.4 million from the Adopted Budget. See presentation here.

See Video of entire meeting here 

The Board’s next Regular Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 11th, 6:30pm (time subject to change), at the District Office Board Room – 4210 Technology Dr. – in Fremont.