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    August 30, 2017

    Chuck Graves, Principal                                                                                                                                             Shanthika Sukumar, Secretary

    cgraves@fremont.k12.ca.us                                                                                                                                   Rachel Cannon, Attendance Clerk

    MSJE’s School Vision:      All students will be valued, encouraged, and challenged in a collaborative learning environment.

    MSJE’s Mission Statement:  Through rigorous standards, character education, and a safe learning environment, students will be provided with multiple opportunities to develop the skills they need to become successful learners.

    Dear Mission San Jose Parents:
    Welcome to the 2017-18 school year at MSJE. I hope everyone is eager as I am to the start of school. I am truly looking forward to supporting the dedicated staff, challenging our students to become successful scholars and leaders in and outside the classroom. As always, my door is open to answer your questions or concerns you may have about MSJE. With all of us working together, we will continue to make MSJE a wonderful place for our students to learn, grow and have fun along the way. Go Mustangs!!

    Chuck Graves, Principal

    First Day of School for 2017- 2018   School Year – Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

    BP/AR 5113.1 – Students Must Be Present the First Day of School  All students must be in class on the first day of school, August 30, 2017.  Students who are not in school on the first day of school will not be guaranteed a seat at their school and may have to be overloaded to another school effective the second day of school if classrooms at their school are filled.  The only exception will be students who are absent due to illness.  If a student is absent the first day due to illness, parents/guardians must notify the school every day the student is absent.  Seats will NOT be held for students on extended vacations or other optional activities, whether or not the school is notified.

    BOARD POLICY:  FUSD Board Policy 5111.1 states that if you move, you must notify the school prior to or within 5 days of any changes in residency.  If you don’t, your enrollment may be revoked.

    Reminder:  All future parent newsletters will be online only.  If you need a paper copy, you can pick one up in the office or ask us to send one home.  Please access our web page at www.fremont.k12.ca.us/msje to find the school calendar and important announcements.  We update this page on a weekly basis so the most current information will be on the MSJE website. Newsletters are posted online every other week.

    School Hours by Grade Levels:

    • Gr. 1st-3rd Regular Schedule                8:30-2:35
    • Gr. 4th-6th Regular Schedule                8:20-2:40 
    • Kindergarten                                       Early Bird 8:30 -11:5   Late Bird 9:30 – 12:50          

    Early Dismissal Schedule for the beginning of the School Year (Grades 1-6)On August 30, August 31 and September 1, the dismissal time for students will be:

    • Gr. 1-3             8:30-1:25
    • Gr. 4-6             8:20-1:30


    Scheduled Minimum Days (Grades 1-6):

    • Wednesday, Thursday and Friday                  Aug 30, Aug, 31 & Sept. 1                
    • Tuesday                                                      Oct. 31                                   
    • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday       Nov. 14, 15, 16, & 17
    • Friday                                                         Dec. 22
    • Friday                                                         March 9
    • Friday                                                         May 25
    • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday                      June 11, 12, & 13

    Dismissal times for minimum days:

    • Gr. 1-3             8:30 - 1:25
    • Gr. 4-6             8:20 - 1:30

    Last Day of School – June 13, 2018

    • Gr. 1-3             8:30 – 12:15
    • Gr. 4-6             8:20 – 12:20

    Staff ChangesThere are a few staff changes to report for the 2017-18 school year.  Mrs. Padania has moved to Kindergarten, Mrs. Krishna and Ms. Granados to second grade, Mrs. O’ Hara to third grade and Mrs. Kundra to fourth grade.

    LunchThe price of lunch for the 2017-18 school year is $3.50.  Students can pay by check or cash at the school office or payments can be made online. Students will not be able to pay for individual lunches in the cafeteria.    Check the district web page at www. Fremont.k12.ca.us and click departments and Child Nutrition Services for online meal payment. Most parents pay for a month at a time. If you do this, the child just gives their name each time they purchase a hot lunch and it is recorded. Some reminders about lunch:  PARENTS MAY NOT TAKE A CHILD’S LUNCH TO THE CAFETERIA AT THE START OF LUNCH. This is a campus security/safety issue. Parents are highly encouraged to have their child bring their lunch to school with them in the morning.  If you bring a lunch to school later in the day, you must bring it to the tubs outside the office BY 11:00 a.m.

    Lunch Supervisor HelpersSpeaking of lunch, we are in need for volunteers to help supervise lunch.  You can volunteer for as little as 30 minutes or as much as 1.5 hours.  We need supervisors in the cafeteria and on the playground.    Please contact Shanthi, MSJE secretary, in the office if you would be willing to help us out. Thank you!!!

    Back To School Night:  Please join us for our Back to School Night on Tuesday, September 12, 2017.  The schedule for Back to School Night is:

    • 6:00 – 6:30      Kindergarten Classroom Presentations
    • 6:35 – 7:05      Grades 1-3 Classroom Presentations
    • 7:10 – 7:40      Principal’s & PTC Updates in the MUR
    • 7:45 – 8:15      Grades 4-6 Classroom Presentations

    CRITERIA FOR JOHN ERNES AWARD:  The John Ernes Award is presented to two students from each 6th grade class for their excellence in academics, attitude towards learning, citizenship, and leadership.  This award is given to recognize the well rounded student rather than a high achiever in the classroom. Parents can discuss this award with their children and make sure they understand the eligibility requirements which start in 4th grade!

    Attendance and Tardies:  Daily attendance and being on time are crucial factors in how successful children are in school.  You are helping your children to set lifelong patterns when you prioritize their attendance in school and their arrival on time.  Tardies interfere with instruction in the classroom, both in terms of the time the student is missing from the classroom and the disruption the student causes when he/she arrives.  Education Code 48260.5 has strict guidelines for families to follow when truancy (absences) or tardies are a concern. A letter will be sent home to notify you when your child’s attendance record begins to suffer. Please help us to help your child learn responsible work habits by getting them to school on time every day.

    PARKING AND STUDENT DROP OFF:  The parking lot is open to the following people:

    1. Kindergarten parents dropping off/picking up their child. 
    2. Large day care operations picking up more than 3 students; i.e. Best Friends, Achievers, Fast Track, etc. 
    3. Parents picking up and dropping off students at Adventure Time.
    4. Kindergarten parents and day care providers will be given a pass for the parking lot.

    ALL OTHER STUDENTS WILL BE DROPPED OFF AND PICKED UP ON BRYANT STREET  As you drop your child off on Bryant Street, please note the following:

    1. DO NOT blocks driveways of our neighbors or the school.
    2. DO NOT make U-turns after you have picked up your child.  Drive to the intersection and turn.  
    3. DO NOT jay walk across Bryant Street.  Cross at the corners. 
    4. If you choose to walk your child in, do not walk through the parking lot or in front of the main entrance or exit. This is a big safety concern. Use the sidewalks on both sides of the parking lot.
    5. Do not stop/park in the red zones.  Red curbs mean no parking or stopping.
    6. Do not Double Park.
    7. On Bryant Street, stay in one line.  Drive forward as the line moves.
    8. PLEASE be courteous to our parent volunteers and safety patrol students and follow their directions.

    Emergency Cards:  Emergency cards were collected at Maze day. Please let us know if emergency contacts and phone numbers have changed. It is vital that we have current contact information to be able to reach you in an emergency.  Cards will be returned to you if they are not signed or if emergency numbers are not listed or not legible.  Remember, the school may only release a student to a parent or an authorized person you specify on the Emergency Card.

    “E” Bags:  On the first day of school, your child will be bringing home a zip-lock bag with instructions about what to put in it for emergency preparedness.  Please return this bag filled with non-perishable food and water, with the child’s name and room number on the bag AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, BUT NO LATER THAN TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6TH.

    After School Band (MSJE):  Enrollment for the After-School Band for “Beginning” and “Intermediate” level students at MSJE is in the first day packet.  The After-School Band program is open to all 4th, 5th, & 6th grade students, and eventually leads into the Hopkins JHS and Mission San Jose HS Bands.  Beginning and Intermediate Band classes are held once per week at Mission San Jose Elementary in the MPR.  There is a small enrollment fee and students will need to provide their own instrument.  For more information, visit the Hopkins JHS Music Department website (www.musicathopkins.com) and the Fremont Education Foundation website (www.fremont-education.org). 

    Voluntary Classroom Supply Lists:  A supply list is posted on the MSJE web site.

    Parent Teacher Club:  Speaking of PTC, this is an important parent organization at MSJE and is always looking for more parent support.  Please consider attending the meetings here in the Library each month.  We meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7:00 P.M.

    Message from PTC:  PTC is once again hosting the “Welcome Back Coffee in the MUR 8:45 -9:30 A.M. on the first day of school, Wednesday, August 30, 2017

    New Officers for 2017-2018

    • President:                                                        Sejal Gohel           
    • V.P                                                                  Vrunda Mestry /Tejal Shah                     
    • Secretary:                                                        Jayshree Gopalan/Priscilla Yao
    • Treasurers:                                                      Philip Ngai/Alice Wu
    • Parliamentarian:                                              Jignesh Trivedi

    PTC information can also be found on the website at www.fmtusd.org/msje/ptc

    School Site Council:  School Site Council (SSC) meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 3:00 P.M. in the Library.  SSC is an important decision making body at MSJE.  We welcome all parent input.

    Enrolling in F.U.S.D.  If you have friends, family or neighbors moving into Fremont, please let them know that students are enrolled at the district office.  If they are currently living in Fremont, they must begin the enrollment process online at www.fremont.k12.ca.us.   Centralized Enrollment staff may be reached at (510) 657-2350, extension 12202 and 12204.

    FUSD Preschool  Do you have a 3- or a 4-year-old at home?  (Completely toilet trained) Give your child the gift of a quality preschool experience and preparation for Kindergarten and beyond.  Fremont Unified School District offers two excellent programs.   State Preschool, for income-eligible families, is free again!  Other families may choose our popular tuition-based program. Please call the FUSD Preschool office at 659-2579 for more information or come to the school district office, 4210 Technology Drive, Room 209, and pick up an application.  Information is also available at www.fremont.k12.ca.us/fedstate

    Remember to read the Announcements and Headlines on the web page too.  Additional information is posted there as it comes up on a day to day basis.

    "Fremont Unified School District is part of a culturally and linguistically rich community.  Our policies embrace a discrimination and harassment free environment,"

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