•  Welcome!

         Welcome to First Grade at Ardenwood!  We are excited to be a part of your child’s educational team.  We hope to work with you to ensure that your child has a successful year in First Grade.  The First Grade team consists of five teachers: Mrs. Loisel (Room 6), Mrs. Owen (Room 7), Mrs. Frisina (Room 10), Miss Imbrugia (room 5), Ms. Friedheim (room 2) , Mrs. Wilson (room 11 ).   Individually, we work towards teaching the same Content Standards and together we strive to provide a uniform homework and communication policy.



         Communication is a very important part of understanding your child’s academic and social-emotional progress.  It is your responsibility to take an active role in staying informed of your child’s progress.  There are several ways that we will communicate with you this year:


    Ÿ         A weekly Communication Folder (The Ardenwood Dragon folder) will be sent home each week on Friday with papers to be signed and returned and with other informative papers.  Please read through the papers, sign those that need signing, and have your child return the folder on Monday.*

    Ÿ         Corrected class work will give you a look into what we are working on in class and how your child is doing.

    Ÿ         Newsletters and/or web pages will keep you up-to-date with what is happening in your child’s classroom.

    Ÿ         Progress reports and Report Cards will show you in which areas your child meets expectations and which areas your child still needs support.

    Ÿ         Telephone calls and/or emails will be made if we need to communicate with you more specifically.

    Ÿ         In-person meetings will be requested by the classroom teacher for concerns that we feel cannot be addressed via email or phone calls.


         You may communicate with us in the following ways:

    Ÿ         Email (If your child’s teacher does not have access, she will let you know the best way to contact her)

    Ÿ         Phone messages

    Ÿ         Written notes (please date and sign all notes that you are sending)


         Please note that the Ardenwood School and our PTA also send home information in monthly newsletters.  Please keep an eye out for them so you can stay informed of school-wide announcements.



    * If there is a Friday holiday, then the Communication Folder is sent home Thursday.  If there is a Monday holiday, then Communication Folder is due back on Tuesday. 


    **  Please note Early Release Days and mark your calendars.