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Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA)

Next Workshop

So What's Next?  Post-Secondary Programs for Students with Learning Differences

April 11, 2022, 6:00PM

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what is a selpa?


SELPA is an acronym for Special Education Local Plan Area.

In 1977, all school districts and county school offices were mandated to form consortiums in geographical regions of sufficient size and scope to provide for all special education service needs of children residing within the region boundaries. Each region, Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA), developed a local plan describing how it would provide special education services.

SELPAs are dedicated to the belief that all students can learn and that special needs students must be guaranteed equal opportunity to become contributing members of society. SELPAs facilitate high quality educational programs and services for special needs students and training for parents and educators. The SELPA collaborates with county agencies and school districts to develop and maintain healthy and enriching environments in which special needs students and families can live and succeed.

Mission Valley SELPA

What is the Mission Valley SELPA?  

The Mission Valley SELPA consists of three school districts: New Haven Unified, Newark and Fremont Unified School Districts.  The SELPA was formed for the purpose of ensuring that quality special education programs and services are available to students living throughout the area. All three school districts coordinate to provide services to identified students who require special education programs and services. The special education directors within each of the districts meet regularly to share resources and coordinate as related to shared program goals.

Shared Programs:

Presently the three districts share:

  • Infant Services Program
  • Transition Partnership Program (TPP)
  • Special Olympics
  • Community Advisory Committee (CAC)
    • Parent Chairperson:  Dyesha Gardner
    • Parent Vice Chairperson:  Kanaka Kannan
    • Parent Secretary:  Andrea Chamberlin
    • Members At Large:  Vacant

Who to contact:

District Director Contact

Newark USD

Jan Hamilton

New Haven USD

Sarah Kappler

Fremont USD

Fran English

SELPA Director

Karen Russell


What Is The Mission of the Mission Valley SELPA and What Are The Goals?

The Mission Valley SELPA believes that all students can learn. Our mission is to support special education students in achieving a high level of academic/functional performance according to national, state, and local standards. To assure this outcome, the SELPA will provide information, resources and support to students, parents, and school staff.


1.  All individuals receive a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) in the least restrictive environment (LRE).

2.  All general education resources are considered and, where appropriate, utilized on a local or regional basis to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

3. A system exists at the regional level for the identification, assessment and placement of students with disabilities.

4.  A viable system for public education is functioning in the community, with broad participation and interaction involving parents and other agencies serving children and young adults.

5.  An annual compliance monitoring system is implemented, and continues to assure items found to be non-compliant with the California Department of Education Quality Assurance processes, and promptly corrected in accordance with the law.

mv selpa cALENDAR

Mission Valley SELPA Calendar 2021-2022

What Where / Zoom Link Who Date & Time

Meet & Greet Your SELPA Special Education Directors

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Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 857 4057 0146
Passcode: Lv1gWj

Link to Presentation

Fran English

Sarah Kappler

Jan Hamilton


Karen Russell



Family Feedback - Listening Session & Needs Assessment

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Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 822 4616 4696
Passcode: 1vFpL0


Sept. 27


We Can Do It!  Addressing Mental

Health Needs:  Returning to the 

School Sites

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Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 820 1510 2836
Passcode: 452132


Dr. Melissa L. Holland

Associate Professor of School of Psychology 

California State University, Sacramento (SCUS)

Oct. 18



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Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 869 9135 6567
Passcode: 090172

Link for Presentation (coming soon)

Powerpoint Presentation

Dr. Kathy Futterman, EdD

Jan. 10


Supporting Student with Disabilities That Are English Learners

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Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 847 8097 5843
Passcode: 491317

Dr. Jarice Butterfield, Ph.D

EL Assessment Parent Interview English

EL Assessment  Parent Interview - Spanish

ELL vs. Learning Disability Chart SS

Pre-School Language Development for Preschool ELs

Supporting EL Multi Lingual Learners with Disabilities for Parents

Feb. 14


Family Feedback - Listening Session & Needs Assessment

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Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 811 6039 2226
Passcode: FOmJ49


Mar. 7


So What's Next?  Post-Secondary Programs for Students with

Learning Differences

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Zoom LInk 

Meeting ID: 844 3074 6757

Passcode:  954256

Specialists in various areas who will present information how to 

prepare for Post-Secondary programs and will be able to answer 

your questions.

Apr. 11



Advocacy Day


State SELPA 


May 4

Special Education 


Awards (SERA)

Zoom Link 

Meeting ID: 862 3545 1441
Passcode: 278288


May 23



Previous Parent workshops 

Parents of Children with ASD:  Help With Distance Learning

     How to Support Your Learner with ASD During Distance Learning Presentation

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Behavior Is Communication:  How to encourage behaviors for better learning

Self-Care for Parents:  Navigating distance learning!

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So What's Next? - Post-secondary programs for student with learning differences

     TPP Presentation

     Ohlone College Presentation

     Finding the Right College Presentation

     Post Secondary Options Presentation

     Ohlone & Chabot Links and Websites


mission valley selpa procedural guidelines

mission valley selpa PLANS

Annual Service Budget / Annual Service Plan Public Hearing

Was held on June 22, 2021 at 8:00am via Zoom 

The California Department of Education has directed all SELPAs in the state to conduct a public hearing on their 2021/2022 Annual Budget and Service Plans. This public hearing enables the Mission Valley SELPA to comply with this instruction.

Annual Service Plan                                              

Annual Budget Plan


The next Mission Valley SELPA Regional Policy Board Meeting is Tuesday, March 29, 2022 at 9:00am.  This meeting will be held in person at Fremont Unified School District, Central Meeting Room.


The Mission Valley SELPA Regional Policy Board (RPB) is the governing body for the  Mission Valley SELPA.  The RPB is composed of 6 voting members: the superintendents from each district, and a board member from each district. 

Their responsibilities include:

1.     Selection of the SELPA Administrator

2.     Establishment and promotion of a Community Advisory Committee

3.     Review, approve, and monitor all budgets assigned to the SELPA

4.     Provide leadership to the SELPA regarding the development, revision, implementation and review of the Local Plan

5.     Review, approve, and monitor the allocation of special education funds to local education agencies

6.     Approval of all SELPA policies, standards and guidelines

The Regional Policy Board meets four times over the course of the school year.

The Regional Policy Board meeting dates for this year are:

November 2, 2021 (Agenda)

January 18, 2022 (Agenda)

March 29, 2022 (Agenda)

June 14, 2022

Meetings will be held by Zoom until otherwise noted.  9:00am - 11:00am