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School Bus Safety Roadeo

2019 Roadeo Team and Representatives

FUSD school bus drivers are dedicated to transporting students to and from school safely and efficiently.  Though the FUSD Transportation Department conducts training regularly, several of our bus drivers have taken it a step further, using their free time to study and train for the California Association of School Transportation Officials’ (CASTO) School Bus Safety Roadeo.


What is the CASTO School Bus Safety Roadeo?

The CASTO School Bus Safety Roadeo is a competition for which school bus drivers participate in several timed and measured events, such as an obstacle course to measure precision driving skills and written exam to determine knowledge of laws, rules, and regulations.  For more information, please see the CASTO website.


2019 Results

The FUSD Transportation Department Roadeo team did very well at the Northern Sectional event on Saturday, April 27, 2019 in Galt, CA.  In fact, FUSD drivers won the “Best Represented” award!  This is a particularly difficult award for a school district to win, as the winning team is determined by all of the following criteria:

  • Individual event and team scores
  • Cleanliness of the vehicles (interior, exterior, undercarriage, and equipment compartments)
  • Contestant appearance and behavior
  • Team spirit
  • Staff/administrator attendance and participation


Congratulations to the FUSD Roadeo Team!