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SELPA Community advisory committee (CAC)

SELPA Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

The Mission Valley SELPA CAC is an organization dedicated to providing opportunities for parents to collaborate with the special education department and share resources for information and support. The CAC consists of parents, teachers, and others who meet on behalf of children with special needs. All meetings and workshops are free of charge, unless otherwise noted, and are open to everyone (including parents of children with or without special needs, educators, and agency representatives.)

The Community Advisory Committee is designed to be a dynamic collaborative partnership of educators, parents, and community members to promote the education of children with special needs. The CAC sponsors events to highlight services available within the Tri-City community, to provide resources for families with children with special needs and to increase disability awareness. We welcome your participation and input into the special education process for all children with special needs. 

To view the Mission Valley SELPA Community Advisory Committee Bylaws, click on the link below

Mission Valley SELPA Community Advisory Committee Bylaws

Community Advisory Committee Chairperson: Dyesha Gardner                                                                                   

Community Advisory Committee Vice Chair: Kanaka Kannan

Community Advisory Committee Secretary:  Andrea Chamberlin  (

CAC Teacher Representatives:  Jackie Nefdt, Cabrillo (                                                                                                                    Lisa Hillman, Glankler (

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