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Project: District Measure E Bond Program IT Upgrades


  • FUSD Districtwide IT Upgrades Project consisted of 34 campuses.
  • Each project consisted of installation of all new data cabling and data racks for wired and Wireless internet Access Points as well as future VoIP clocks, bells, speakers, and telephones.
  • The total project cost for the 34 campuses was $50,152,643.
  • Each of these projects was delivered with a design-bid-build approach.


In 2012, the District established the Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP) that included a review of the facilities needs at each District site. A list of priority projects from the LRFP was developed to be included in the Measure E Bond.  Staff recommended moving forward with design and construction of these projects using the Design-Build delivery method in order to complete them within the required timeline.

Key Project Successes

Able to keep campus systems live with zero down time while installing a completely new parallel system.

Interesting or unique details

  • Projects were constructed during the Districtwide development of IT standards.

“Box-walks” were conducted at each site to allow input from site administrators, combined with District IT staff, to identify unique challenges at each campus and to offer and offer cost effective resolutions to avoid in-progress change orders.

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LCA Architects

Program Manager

Vanir Construction Management

Construction Manager

O'Connor Construction Management, Inc. (OCMI)


DecoTech Inc.

Delivery Method


Square Footage


Date approved by Board

Sept. 23, 2014

Construction Duration

Jan. 2015 – Aug. 2015

Approved Project Budget