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Student Support Services Staff Contacts

Staff Contacts
First Last Name Email Ext. Title
Greg Bailey 657-2350 Director, Student Support Services
Juanita Renner 12615 Secretary
Stacey Bamford 12367 Coordinator
DiShawn Givens 12371 Educational Equity Coordinator
Cheryl Knight 12487 Health Services Coordinator
Dharrivie Bailey 12370 Enrollment
Declaration of Residency
Gabby Green 12372 Enrollment
Declaration of Residency
Laura Jimenez 12294 Enrollment
Declaration of Residency
Shang (Connie) Kwok Sit 12299 Enrollment
Declaration of Residency
Virginia Pieters 12295 Records/Subpoena Requests
Coordination of Oral Interpreters
Carolina Macias 12698 Attendance and Truancy
Janet Shue 12665 Home-Hosptial Instruction
Intra & Inter District Transfers
Virginia (Vicky) Trucios 12289 Front Desk
Angelica Ureno 12247 Language Assessment
Oral Translation (Spanish)
Hamed Walizada 12331 Language Assessment
Oral Translation (Farsi & Dari)
Lucy Yee 12616 Language Assessment
Oral Translation (Mandarin & Cantonese)
Shaaban Ghaus 12378 Family Liaison