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California Science Test (CAST)

California’s new state standards for science call for students to think and work like scientists and engineers—asking questions and learning through hands-on investigation and discovery. Working with science teachers, California is developing a new assessment, called the California Science Test (CAST), that emphasizes scientific thinking and reasoning. This year students in grade 5, 8, and 12 participated in the trial of test items for this assessment. This year is the second year of this trial. Students will only receive an informational score, which will not be used for any type of high stakes purposes such as course placement. It is an important first step in developing an assessment that will fairly and accurately measure how students are achieving on the new science standards.

For additional information, please visit the CDE’s CAASPP Science Assessment Web page at CDE Website. If your child is in a grade level participating in the CAST pilot, the testing window is the same as for the English and math tests, between March 7 and June 7, 2019.  Your school will be able to tell you a more precise window.