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College Prep Assessments

Different colleges and universities have different requirements. However, most of them require an entrance exam.

  • ACT (American College Test)
  • PSAT (Practice Scholastic Aptitude Test)
  • SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)
  • AP (Advanced Placement)

For 2022-23:

  • 10th grade students:
    All 10th grade students will have the option of taking the PSAT at no cost. The cost is covered by the FUSD Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). Parents/guardians may opt their student out of taking this test.

  • 11th grade students:
    11th grade students may choose to take the PSAT for the cost of $40. 11th grade students can take the PSAT at this administration in order to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program. The College Board does allow for a reduced cost for eligible students and families.

  • 12th grade students:
    12th grade students may choose to take the SAT as part of the “SAT School Day” program which allows for the SAT to be administered at their school during a school day rather than on a Saturday outside of FUSD. The SAT will take approximately four hours to complete and costs $67.

Please click on the link at the top of the page for more information.


If you have questions about any of the optional tests above for high school students, please contact the appropriate testing coordinator listed below.

High School Testing Coordinators
American Zahra Pelayo Sandhya Sharma
Irvington Mei-Feng Howell Jason Aucoin
Kennedy Joshua Hunter Joshua Hunter
Mission Bridget Medrano Joanna Jensen
Robertson Mike Hellerud  

Jeff Alves

Andrea Berino

Jeff Alves

COIL Shelby Smith Shelby Smith


Note:  As both the PSAT and the "SAT School Day" are administered on campus during the instructional day, only students who are currently enrolled in Fremont Unified School District may participate.