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Apply to Join TAC

Membership of the TAC consists of equal parts FUSD staff members and community members. According to the committee by-laws, a total of 16 members are authorized for this committee. Community members are appointed by the School Board of Trustees while staff members are appointed by the Superintendent. 

Applying for Membership: Persons interested in becoming a member of the Technology Advisory Committee must complete an application form and submit it to the Chief Technology Officer ( by the end of the business day on April 15th to be considered for the next year's committee which starts in June.  Members are appointed for a minimum two year term. Incumbents may reapply for their same seats upon expiration of their terms.

The application form may be found by accessing this link: TAC Membership Application  

Requirements for Membership: Members should have professional knowledge in some aspects of the following: 1) information technology; 2) systems architecture; 3) database design; 4) networking; 5) regulatory compliance; 6) software licensing; 7) technical management; 8) instructional technology and 9) educational technology.

Community Members: A goal of a diverse representation of the community is desired. To that end, parents of students attending District schools, as well as leaders of industry, are strongly encouraged to apply.

Employee Members: The Superintendent, or designee, will coordinate with employee bargaining units to ensure each is given an opportunity to provide one representative of their choosing to the TAC. It is not mandatory for a bargaining unit to provide a representative, but it is strongly encouraged. The Superintendent will consider District demographics and the diversity of stakeholders when appointing employee members.

There are, from time-to-time, opportunities to replace members that leave throughout the course of the year. If you wish, you may apply any time during the year for consideration for one of these positions. The application will be retained in file and will be automatically submitted for consideration to the Board when considering the new term's members.