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Committees and Advisory Groups

Opportunities to Help on Committees

You can help. Volunteer. Whether you're a parent, alumni, student, teacher, or simply someone who cares about the future of Fremont and California, you can help support the public school district - FUSD. Share your time.


Committees and Advisory Groups listed alphabetically with brief description.

‘7-11 Committee’ on Site Disposition: Evaluate and advise on current and potential uses, space availability, and enrollment of District's facilities regarding the Marshall site in particular. Members Needed.

African-American Parent Advisory Committee (AAPAC): Interest in services and programs that support closing the achievement gap for African-American students.

Alameda County School Boards Committee: Members meet to discuss matters of mutual concern in the county.

Board Budget Sub-Committee: Communicate the status of the budget and budget projections in a timely manner with all stakeholders.

Budget Advisory Task Force (BATF): Build awareness and understanding of the District budget, as well as recommend ideas for 2020-21 Budget.

City of Fremont and Fremont Unified School District Liaison Committee: Sub-committee to improve the communication and relationship between the Council and Board.

Curriculum & Instruction Advisory Committee (C&I): Advise and give input into the District’s Curriculum & Instruction planning, by reviewing/recommending curriculum and materials.

District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC): Provide parental guidance and advice to the District on the needs and services for English learners.

District Equity Team: Establish partnerships with our families and community to increase academic success for all students.

Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC): Advise and make recommendations regarding construction and facilities matters.

Fremont Council PTA - Special Education Committee: Parent led forum to get together, network and learn.

Joint Meeting Fremont City Council and Fremont Unified School District Board: Collaborative meeting between the whole Council and Board.

Local Control and Accountability Advisory Committee (LCAAC): Advise and give input into the District's LCAP regarding priorities and resources based on the LCFF.

Measure E Citizens Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC): “Actively review and report on the proper expenditure of taxpayers’ money for school construction” on Measure E projects.

Measure I Citizens' Oversight Committee: Provide oversight to ensure that the revenue received is spent in accordance with the commitment made to the voters of Fremont.

Mission Valley ROP Committee: Support the goal to provide the best vocational-technical education learning environment possible.

SELPA Community Advisory Committee (CAC): Collaborative partnership of educators, parents, and community members to promote the education of children with special needs.

Special Education District Advisory Committee (SEDAC): Represent interests of the FUSD special education students and to promote a maximum degree of interaction.

Supplemental Instructional Materials Advisory Committee: Reviews proposed supplemental instructional materials requested on an as needed basis.

Technology Advisory Committee (TAC): Advisors on the state of technology within the District.

Wellness Committee: Assist the District in building a coordinated school health system that supports and reinforces health literacy.