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Shelter in Place vs. Lockdown

shelter and lockIn the event of police activity in the area or on a school site, an administrator may call for a “Shelter in Place” or a “Lockdown”. Please refer to the chart below to determine the expected level of response by staff and students.


Shelter in Place



  • Precautionary
  • Police Activity in the general area
  • No immediate danger to students/staff on campus
  • Need to clear the grounds & get students/staff indoors
  • Immediate threat to campus
  • Significant police activity in the vicinity 
  • Potentially dangerous suspect(s) are on the loose on or near school grounds  
  • Students/staff need to protect themselves

School Responsibility

  • Communicate Shelter in Place to students/staff
  • Get everyone inside a building
  • Lock all doors
  • Account for student/staff presence
  • Learning and typical school activities can resume once all students/staff are indoors
  • All activities must remain indoors until all clear is given
  • Be alert, if you see something suspicious, report it
  • Communicate Lockdown to staff/students as quickly as possible
  • Get all students/staff inside as quickly as possible
  • Once inside, initiate Lockdown procedures
  • Lock doors, turn off lights, close blinds, students get on the ground
  • Remain calm, be vigilant, report anything suspicious


Fremont PD Responsibility

  • FPD will likely respond to perimeter of campus area to create a safety buffer zone between police activity and school site
  • Monitor situation and assess for change in status
  • FPD and/or Student Support Services will communicate status with school administration
  • FPD will respond to school site, address the threat, and coordinate with school administrators on next steps
  • Student Support Services will respond to school site in most cases and coordinate/communicate with school administration and FPD