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Board | Community Overview

From the student and teacher in the classroom, to parent volunteers, to committee members, as well as the hundreds of staff all the way to the members of the Board of Education - WE all make up the community that strives to support the mission of FUSD - To provide equitable opportunities that educate, challenge, and inspire students of all ages, talents, and ability levels. It is a big undertaking, but WE face it together. This section of the website points to these groups, District Committees and the Board, as well as Videos that reach out to our community from our community, Employment information to help bring candidates to our schools and a complete set of links for Students and Parents and other groups that support FUSD such as the Fremont Education Foundation [↗] and FUSS -  Fremont Unified Student Store [↗].

9/21/2017 A big thank you to Fremont Unified Student Store (FUSS) - They made a donation of $20,500 to the district for every school ($500 each). The money was raised through various FUSS events including, the Annual Talent Show coming up on November 4th, the Summer Program’s Fair, Math Contest and Student-led Events, such as Fremont Splash. We all appreciate FUSS's ongoing generosity to benefit Fremont students.