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environmental booksNew this year, the curriculum created for FUSD's Elementary Summer Academy in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math will include environmental education throughout the five-week program.

Read more: Eco-Friendly: Summer Programs Integrate Environmental Themes in Curriculum

Posted 6/10/22

student with shovel in gardenApproximately half of FUSD’s schools have gardens. Students are digging into these green spaces and learning to nurture plants and in some cases learning to grow food, and educators are connecting this work to instruction about climate literacy, solutions and action. 

Read more: Eco-Friendly: FUSD Students Practice Environmental Stewardship

Posted 5/6/22

Weibel students sorting wasteStudents across Fremont Unified School District are working toward a greener future by leading efforts to reduce the District's climate impact, and laying a foundation for their efforts to reach future students. 

FUSD News: Eco-Friendly: Students Learn to Lead Waste Reduction Efforts

Posted 4/8/22

walters garden club storyWalters Middle School's student newspaper features the Garden Club as it harvests crops from the school garden.

The Warrior Chronicle: Eco-Friendly: The Walters Middle School Garden Club does their first harvest after months of preparation

Posted 3/17/22

water bottleA new water dispensing station in front of KHS library.

FUSD News: Eco-Friendly: New Water Filling Station Installed At Kennedy

Posted 2/9/22

weibel assemblyOn November 29, 2021, Weibel Elementary launched its landfill diversion program with assemblies provided in partnership with the City of Fremont to teach student about composting and recycling.

FUSD News: Eco-Friendly: FUSD Schools Recycle, Reduce and Compost

Posted 11/30/21