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From Student Support Services
Immunization requirements will continue to remain in place even with the COVID-19 circumstances. We want to make sure that you students stay safe and are covered for other communicable diseases. We want to make sure that your students stay safe and are covered for vaccine preventable communicable diseases. When schools reopen - even in hybrid models – all students MUST be up-to-date with required immunizations before attending school. See Shots for School for more information:
Please reach out to your health care providers and make an appointment for your students to get their requirements completed. A majority of our local health care providers are making appointments now for immunizations and physicals as needed.
Additional resources:
Kaiser Permanente members can schedule appointments and contact their care provider at or call the appointment line at (510) 248-3050 to schedule physical check-ups or inquire about vaccination/immunization. Kaiser Permanente Letter
Bay Area Community Health will continue to provide immunization updates for school administration, provided the student doesn’t have the following conditions: fever, cough, or upper respiratory symptoms. Call for Appointment at 510-770-8040  or
Washington Township Medical Foundation is offering in-person, telephone and video visits for your child’s needs. Whether its well-child visits, physicals or immunizations our Pediatrics Department is ready to see you safely. We are located at 39500 Fremont Blvd., Suite 100. Call (510) 248-1800 to schedule an appointment or visit to learn more.


Many local pharmacies also offer childhood vaccinations.

Posted 1/1/21

Pertussis Booster and #2 Varicella Required for 7th Grade – 2021/2022 School Year

Dear Parents/Guardians,
All students entering the 7th grade in the 2021/2022 school year must receive a Tdap (Pertussis/ Whooping
Cough) booster and second Varicella (Chicken pox) immunization before entering school in August 2021.
Proof of the vaccine must include: Student’s name, date of birth, vaccine name, date vaccine administered
and name of the clinic, office, or doctor administering the vaccine.  In addition, all other K-12 required vaccines must be current, see Shots for School for more information:

Posted 9/1/20

When schools reopen - even in hybrid models - students MUST be immunized to return to classrooms. Learn More Flyer
Cuando las escuelas vuelvan a abrir - incluso en los modelos híbridos - los estudiantes DEBEN ser vacunados para regresar a los salones. Más información


Immunization Requirements

Posted 8/19/20