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Board Meeting Highlights: January 19, 2023 (Special) - Selection of Area 1 Trustee Provisional Appointment
Posted 1/20/23
FUSD District Office

Board Members

Vivek Prasad, President
Yajing Zhang, Vice President
Larry Sweeney, Clerk
Dianne Jones, Member
Sissi Zhang, Student Member

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Next Meeting

The next Regular Meeting is scheduled for January 23, 2023 at 6:30pm; time subject to change.

Fremont Unified School District

Board Meeting Highlights

January 19, 2023 (Special)

3.1 Provisional Appointment to the Board of Education

At the December 14, 2022, Board of Education meeting the Board voted to conduct a provisional appointment process to fill the vacancy which occurred by the resignation of Trustee Campbell when she was elected to a seat on the Fremont City Council. The vacancy leaves two years remaining before Mrs. Campbell's term of office is scheduled to end.

The process for filling a Board vacancy is established in Board Policy 9223.

  • The Board conducted individual interviews with the following candidates, in the following random order:
    • Margaret Sheehan-Rahman
    • Hiu Ng
    • Jyotindra Shakya
    • Mark Macapagal
    • Mugdha Ghole
    • Rosina Tao Dodd
    • Gauri Tuljapurkar
    • Sharon Lynn Coco
  • Candidates were asked to remain in a separate room until called in for their interview.
  • Candidates were asked nine questions and provided a closing statement; two minutes were allocated per question for a response.
  • In addition, the Board considered responses by candidates to the questions on the Board Vacancy Candidate Applications in making their decision.

The Board completed three rounds of voting via the Provisional Board Appointment Ballot (please note that one listed candidate, Francis N. Ridad, withdrew from consideration before the meeting). 

By unanimous vote on the third ballot, Sharon Coco was provisionally appointed to the Area 1 Trustee vacancy.

Following the vote, the Oath of Office was administered to Sharon Coco by Superintendent CJ Cammack.