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Team FUSD: Welcoming New Staff to Our Team
Posted 9/1/22

The Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) welcomed students to the first day of school on August 17, 2022 with balloon arches, lawn signs, warm smiles and campuses ready to facilitate learning and growth. 

In the weeks and months before this moment, at campuses and offices across FUSD, new staff joined our team to prepare for the first day and every day thereafter.

New Certificated Staff

New certificated staff attended orientation and various professional development events in the weeks before school began. Some also attended a special event this year: a new teacher welcome breakfast at Niles Elementary. The new staff arrived on buses and entered the campus to the cheers of American High School’s Cheer Team, and the applause of FUSD’s certificated management team who lined the walkway. 

Human Resources provided breakfast, which attendees enjoyed while getting to know their new colleagues. Superintendent CJ Cammack and Fremont Unified District Teachers Association President Brannin Dorsey spoke to attendees to welcome them aboard and thank them for their work to serve our students. 

FUSD’s 2022 Teacher of the Year Christy Taylor also spoke of what she's learned through her experience in education, encouraging the teachers who were new to FUSD – and perhaps the profession – to continue their growth, to be both the “gardeners and seedlings” as educators.

carlos at durham
Fabian Gutierrez worked through the summer to prepare Durham Elementary for the new school year.

New Classified Staff

FUSD’s Human Resources team worked through the summer to recruit, screen and hire staff in a number of positions at sites – such as paraeducators and office staff – and across departments, including Child Nutrition, Information Technology, Operations and Grounds, and Transportation. 

We thank the many new and returning classified staff who prepared sites and offices for the 2022-23 school year, inside and out!

New Management Staff

FUSD began announcing new and reassigned personnel in management positions in the spring, with employees’ start dates varying by position and other factors.

Many new and returning management staff attended a two-day retreat at Fremont’s new Downtown Event Center in early August to receive updates, meet and spend time with colleagues, and begin discussing how each can ground the work across FUSD in personal and authentic relationships, a goal that will be centered in conversations throughout the school year. 

We congratulate the following individuals on their management appointments or re-assignments:

personal and authentic
FUSD Superintendent CJ Cammack led management staff activities and conversations to center personal and authentic relationships in their work.
  • Daniel Hillman, Associate Superintendent Business Services
  • Dr. Zachary Kahn, Director of Certificated Personnel
  • Dr. Jesús Jiménez, Director of Secondary Education
  • Corey Brown, Director of Curriculum & Instruction
  • Elie Wasser, Director of Assessment & Accountability
  • Stan Hicks, Principal, Irvington High School
  • Nancy Kuei, Principal, Hopkins Junior High 
  • Sherry Strausbaugh, Principal, Thornton Junior High
  • Glynis Mason, Principal, Ardenwood Elementary
  • Johanna White, Principal, Lila Bringhurst Elementary
  • Sherea Westra, Principal, Mattos Elementary 
  • Jacyln McClintock, Principal, Mission Valley Elementary
  • Dr. Tiffany Kloeppel, Principal, Parkmont Elementary
  • Kristin Dil, Principal, Patterson Elementary
  • Dr. Jorge Gonzalez, Interim Principal, Millard Elementary
  • David LeCount, Assistant Principal, American High School
  • Zahra Pelayo, Assistant Principal, American High School
  • Jason Aucoin, Assistant Principal, Irvington High School
  • Mei-Feng Howell, Assistant Principal, Irvington High 
  • Jennifer Tutass, Assistant Principal, Irvington High School
  • Joshua Hunter, Interim Assistant Principal, John F. Kennedy High School
  • Jeff Alves, Assistant Principal, Washington High School
  • Sheila Jemo, Assistant Principal, Robertson High School
  • Hillary Marine, Interim Assistant Principal, American High School & Thornton Junior High
  • Dr. Susan Lemke, Assistant Principal, Walters Middle School
  • Michelle Tibbs, Assistant Principal, Walters Middle School
  • Amy Perez, Assistant Principal, Fremont Adult and Continuing Education
  • Michelle Guerrero, Assistant Principal, Forest Park Elementary & Warwick Elementary
  • Steven Musto, Assistant Director of MTSS
  • Nathania Chaney Aiello, Health Services Coordinator
  • Melvin Easley, Chief Technology Officer
  • Thomas Ekman, Director of Maintenance, Operations & Grounds
  • Dena Palmer, Director of Purchasing


panoramic photo at retreat
FUSD management staff lined up around a room at the Fremont Downtown Event Center, with the newest at the left, during the 2022-23 Management Retreat.


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