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Student First: Horner Talent Show
Posted 4/12/22

Horner talent show showcase

On April 1, 2022, Horner Middle School students danced, sang and otherwise shared their amazing gifts at the talent show.


April yoyo
April L. (7th): Performing Chinese Yoyo
Aarav cubing
Aarav A. (6th): 3x3 One-Handed Cubing
Aarnav piano
Aarnav M. (8th): Playing Piano
Grace tap
Grace K. (7th): Tap Dancing
Avni guitar
Avni G. (6th): Playing Guitar
Akshaya singing
Akshaya G. (8th): Singing
E-In Elaine dancing
I-En C. (6th), Elaine P. (8th): Dancing
Arnabi flute
Arnabi G. (8th): Playing Flute
Ella piano
Ella L. (7th): Playing Piano
Kylie Pooja Swarna
Swarna V. (8th), Kylie Chao (8th), Pooja Verma (8th): Playing Keyboard, Flute and Piano
 Ram singing
Ram K. (6th): Singing
Hiya reciting
Hiya B. (8th): Reciting a Poem
Vincent piano
Vincent Zhuoyi L. (6th): Playing Piano
Anshul singing
Anshul R. (8th): Singing
Sriya violin
Sriya S. (7th): Playing Violin
Raajas piano
Raajas D. (8th): Playing Piano
Ashika singing
Ashika B. (6th); Singing
Anagha Mekhala
Mekhala K. (8th), Anagha K. (8th): Playing Veena and Indian Flute
Dvita Pranaya Pooja
Pranaya R. (8th), Dvita V. (7th), Pooja V. (8th): Singing and Playing Guitar
Derek Kung Fu
Derek L. (7th): Demonstrating Kung Fu
Ethan Istasha
Ethan C (7th), Istasha P (8th): Serving as MCs
Group shot with principal
Group Photo

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