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Team FUSD: Christy Taylor Named Teacher of the Year
Posted 3/25/22

Christy Taylor

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FUSD is proud to name Cabrillo Elementary’s Christy Taylor as its 2022 Teacher of the Year. The official announcement came at the District’s Board of Education meeting on Wednesday evening. Taylor was selected from an outstanding group of nominees representing FUSD schools.

“I want to thank all the people who have been part of investing in me, and I thank every student who has allowed me to invest in you,” said Taylor in a speech after she was named Teacher of the Year.

Taylor — who has worked in FUSD since 2009 and has been a teacher for 25 years in elementary general and special education classrooms and as a reading specialist — drew a connection between her work and the quilts her husband’s grandma made:

“This is not a single piece of fabric, this is a weaving together of every life who has impacted mine. It’s also the quilt of every single student that I’ve ever had, every story, every child, each with significance and value that contributes to the whole. In Fremont Unified School District, the quilts that are being made are colorful, diverse and full of beauty. They are quilts of cultures and languages and ages coming together. It’s the stitching together of student, parent, family, teacher, faculty, administrators and the greater Fremont community. There are thousands of squares on this quilt, each a work of art now graciously stitched together. And all of this beautiful tapestry is being made for the children. It is for their flourishing, for their futures.”

The in-person announcement and celebration was a welcome return to tradition. In 2021, FUSD released a video recognizing all teachers for their efforts to serve students during distance learning and the COVID-19 pandemic, and the 2020 announcement was celebrated virtually in the early days of shelter-in-place orders. 

“Over the last two years we’ve realized more than ever the profound impact that teachers have on their students, not just academically, but supporting their social-emotional growth and providing safe and supportive environments for students to grow and thrive,” said Board President Dianne Jones. “Our educators have risen to every unimaginable challenge that the last two years have given us.” 

Each FUSD school can nominate one teacher for Teacher of the Year consideration, and from the nominations finalists are selected for a further selection process. In addition to Taylor, the 2022 finalists included Mohamed Algarmi from Centerville Junior High School, Audrey Suratos from Robertson High School, Jovana Manjabosco from Blacow Elementary, Erin Castillo from Kennedy High School, and Erica Maciel from Patterson Elementary. 

We applaud our finalists, and thank our Teacher of the Year committee members for their time and dedication to honoring our outstanding educators. 

“Teaching, more than any other profession that I’ve ever seen, when done properly, requires an indescribable amount of personal and professional giving,” said Superintendent CJ Cammack. “Giving time, energy, passion and countless emotions. That give is the process of sharing your passion, your professionalism and your dedication.”

A video from the March 23 Board of Education meeting at which finalists were honored and Taylor was announced as Teacher of the Year is available here (item starts at 3:55). 

Taylor will represent FUSD at the Alameda County Teacher of the Year Awards and be considered for county-level honors, and then possibly state recognition. 

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