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Eco-Friendly: FUSD Schools Recycle, Reduce and Compost
Posted 11/30/21

weibel assembly

On November 29, 2021, Weibel Elementary launched its landfill diversion program with assemblies provided in partnership with the City of Fremont to teach student about composting and recycling.

The school aimed to reduce lunchtime trash bags from 5 to 1, and students met their goal on day one! 

At all grade levels, FUSD students and staff are diverting food waste from landfills through an effort to compost at each school. The City is a great partner in this work, providing composting containers and bringing assemblies to schools to launch the program and teach students about how to compost and why it is so important. After about a decade invested in this effort, four more sites will soon join the program and bring FUSD to full participation.

Please support this work in our schools by reinforcing good composting habits at home.

Stephanie Willits and Larry Kass
Photo: FUSD Recycling Coordinator Stephanie Willits and City of Fremont consultant Larry Kass at Weibel

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