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Superintendent's Message - March 16, 2020 - Challenges
Posted 3/2/20

We have faced many challenges together in this District, but none quite like the situation our community, country, and world is experiencing today. The COVID-19 viral outbreak has rattled our collective nerves and consumed our attention. Information is changing rapidly, as are protocols being put into place by the government sometimes on an hourly basis. 

The most challenging part for me, as the leader of our organization is making the best and right decisions in a time where there are no clear boundaries or borders. Thankfully, our Board of Education, employees from all labor associations, and families have all contributed to the actions we’ve taken so far to do what we’re all here to do--keep our young people safe. 

I have been overwhelmed by the support offered from parents who’ve developed innovative apps, community organizations who are rallying to feed our children during the closure, and staff that have created amazing and high quality digital resources that will ensure that students keep on learning in the weeks to come. 

While we don’t know what will be around the next corner, it is my hope that the Fremont light will shine brightly through the shadows. Our district will continue to unite and show the best of who we are for each other. Take care. Be well. We will face whatever comes our way together.

Kim Wallace, Ed.D, Superintendent