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Budget Balancing and Secondary Course Offerings
Posted 8/19/19

One of the Budget Balancing solutions is to make adjustments to class sizes at the secondary level. With this increase in class size comes necessary shifts in staffing to accommodate the changes. In order to meet the new staffing requirements adopted at the May 22 Board of Education meeting, secondary schools have needed to reduce their course offerings. Some classes that were originally offered for next year will no longer be available. It is regrettable, but changes must be made in order to accommodate the budget cuts implemented district-wide.


If a student is currently registered for a class that will no longer be offered in the 2019-20 school year, the student will be assigned another class from their registration sheet. They may also be contacted by a counselor or administrator if more information is needed. Unfortunately, due to limited class availability, please be aware that students will be unable to make schedule changes in the fall.  


FUSD understands these adjustments may cause inconvenience for our students and families.


More Info - Budget Balancing Solutions for 2019-20 School Year