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Vision and Mission - Instructional Services
Posted 5/1/18

Instructional Services Vision: Instructional Services is a dynamic leadership team that collaborates, innovates, and advances together to create optimal and equitable conditions for student and adult learning.

Instructional Services Mission: Provide quality support and expertise that empowers:

Management to lead…

  • Ongoing professional development & training
  • Professional Learning Community cohort meetings
  • Facilitation tools & presentation strategies
  • Logistics & site management support (budgeting, planning, compliance, policy implementation, etc.)
  • Professional resources on leadership development
  • Coaching, role modeling, advising

Teachers to engage…

  • High quality professional development
  • Team collaboration time
  • Instructional coach support
  • Data-informed decision-making
  • Access to current resources and technologies
  • Approaches & strategies to reach all learners

And students to succeed…

  • Guaranteed and viable curriculum
  • Meaningful assessments & feedback
  • Timely and targeted interventions
  • Extended learning opportunities
  • Flexible & innovative environments
  • Social-emotional/character development
  • Multiple pathways to college/career