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Nurse Contacts by Site

2021-2022 *TENTATIVE*
Please use caution when providing confidential information in email

*These sites currently do not have an assigned school nurse.

School Nurse Point of Contact by Site
School Site Nurse Email Phone
American High School Erika Dao (510) 556-6890
Ardenwood Elementary Bagya Arunkumar (510) 358-1511
Azevada Elementary* TBD    
Blacow Elementary (M-Th) Deborah Weir (510) 304-5323
Brier Elementary* TBD    
Brookvale Elementary Erika Dao (510) 556-6890
Cabrillo Elementary Kari Schrank (510) 358-9851
Centerville Jr. High* TBD    
Chadbourne Elementary Andrew Nguyen (510) 364-5684
Circle of Independent Learning (M, Tu, F) Alanna Lee (510) 386-8435
Durham Elementary (M-Th) Deborah Weir (510) 304-5323
Forest Park Elementary Bagya Arunkumar (510) 358-1511
Fremont Adult & Cont. Ed* TBD    
Glankler Early Learning Ctr Ran Li (510) 386-7052
Glenmoor Elementary (M-Th) Deborah Weir (510) 304-5323
Gomes Elementary (Tu-F) Tanya Escobar (510) 304-8215
Green Elementary* TBD    
Grimmer Elementary Mae Higa (510) 298-8564
Hirsch Elementary Mae Higa (510) 298-8564
Hopkins Jr. High Marcia Foley (510) 364-3746
Horner Middle School Robin Tsoi (510) 449-4962
Irvington High School Andrew Nguyen (510) 364-5684
Kennedy High School


  (510) 304-5323
Leitch Elementary (Tu-F) Tanya Escobar (510) 304-8215
Maloney Elementary

(M, Tu, F) Alanna Lee (510) 386-8435

(W, Th) Erika Dao (510) 556-6890
Mattos Elementary Andrew Nguyen (510) 364-5684
Millard Elementary* TBD    
Mission San Jose Elementary Ashley Greer (510) 358-0269
Mission San Jose High School Marcia Foley (510) 364-3746
Mission Valley Elementary Marcia Foley (510) 364-3746
Niles Elemenatry Bagya Arunkumar (510) 358-1511
Oliveira Elemenatary

(M, Tu, F) Alanna Lee (510) 386-8435
(W, Th) Erika Dao (510) 556-6890
Parkmont Elementary Robin Tsoi (510) 449-4962
Patterson Elementary Kari Schrank (510) 358-9851
Rix Center* TBD    
Robertson High School* TBD    
Thornton Jr. High Kari Schrank (510) 358-9851
Vallejo Mill Elementary Bagya Arunkumar (510) 358-1511
Vista Alternative* TBD    
Walters Middle School Ashley Greer (510) 358-0269
Warm Springs Elementary Robin Tsoi (510) 449-4962
Warwick Elementary Ashley Greer (510) 358-0269
Washington High School Mae Higa (510) 298-8564
Weibel Elementary (Tu-F) Tanya Escobar (510) 304-8215
YAP* TBD    
DO/SSS – Health Services
TBD   (510) 358-0715


If unable to reach the assigned school nurse, contact Student Support Services at 510-657-2350 with urgent matters.

Who is a school nurse?

The primary role of the school nurse is to support Student learning. The nurse accomplishes this by implementing strategies that promote student and staff health and safety. As the health services expert, the school nurse serves as the health professional for the school community. Some of the services provided include: health assessments and participation in development of Individualized Education Plan for students with special needs; pediatric nursing procedures; screening for health factors impacting student learning, activities to promote health, chronic disease management and education, administering of medications, crisis team participation, recommending guidelines for school district health policies; and serving as a health care provider liaison between the school and the community.

All school nurses have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and a School Nurse Certificate. The school nurse works independently in the school setting to provide health care and education primarily to students and possess strong skills in critical thinking, decision-making, communication, individual and classroom education, and child advocacy.

School Nurses contribute to their local communities by helping the students stay healthy, in school, and ready to learn, and keeping parents and families at work.