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    District Collaboration Team Presentation 2-23-18


    Update: 12/12/18 - Board Modifies Timetable for Horner Middle School Conversion - Fall 2020 More Info

    4/16/18 - Walters Middle School Update - More Information on delayTimeline Facilities


    Informational session
    Google Slides Presentation (May 15, 2017 - Updated) | Press Release


    Middle School Instructional Task Force Overview
    Presentation Icon - Figure Pointing at ScreenPresentation to the Board of Education - May 26
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    Frequently Asked Questions (updated 4/27/17)
    The first two of Fremont Unified's five junior highs, Walters and Horner, anticipate opening as grades 6-8 middle schools in the 2019-20 school years and the other three (Thornton, Centerville, and Hopkins) will follow within the next four years. The Middle School Instructional Task Force is a district-wide advisory group to consider curriculum and instruction models; Site Construction Committees will separately convene to address physical space and facilities design. The two committees will share some members to make sure that information flow is cohesive and that they're working in concert with one another.
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    The Middle School Instructional Task Force will meet for two years to discuss:
    • 6th grade transition planning
    • potential curriculum and instruction models
    • instructional space elements
    • parent and community engagement
    • student input
    • professional development and training
    • other areas of concern and interest

    Instructional Model Objectives
    • All middle level learners participate in challenging, integrated, real world, standards-based curriculum that promotes conceptual understanding, 21st-century skill development, and knowledge acquisition
    • Instruction is age-appropriate, engaging, and differentiated to meet individual student learning needs
    • Research is conducted to identify and implement practices leading to continual student learning and high academic achievement at the middle level


     School Organization and Community Involvement
    • Organizational structures and a school culture of high expectations enable all middle level students and educators to succeed
    • Relationships for learning create a climate of intellectual development and a caring community that includes having an adult advocate for each student
    • Ongoing family and community partnerships provide a supportive and enriched learning environment for each middle level student
    • A supportive, safe, and healthy learning environment advances learning and promotes overall student and educator well-being


    2015-16 Action Plan

    9/24/15: Task Force Meeting—Introductions/Purpose/Overview

    10/28-10/29: Field Trips to California “Middle Schools to Watch”

    11/10/15: Task Force Meeting—Debrief on Field Trips

    1/27/16: Written update to the Board of Trustees

    2/2/16: Task Force Meeting & Community Forum #1

    4/5/16: Task Force Meeting & Community Forum#2

    5/26/16: Board Presentation

    5/31/16: Task Force Meeting—Planning for 2016-17

    Task Force Membership List
    Kim Wallace, Superintendent
    Sherea Westra, FUDTA president
    Michael Rivera, Mission Valley teacher
    Tracy Barnett, Vallejo Mill teacher
    Erica Hart, Millard teacher
    Lisa Alves, Walters teacher
    Beth Perez, Hopkins teacher
    Nandhini Nathan, Horner teacher
    Denise Mayfield, CSEA Rep
    Carole Diamond, Azevada Principal
    Stan Hicks, Thornton Principal
    Brian Weems, Walters Principal
    Debbie Amundson, Director of Elementary Education
    James Maxwell, Director of Secondary Education
    Joe Armstrong, parent
    Chandresh Popal, parent
    Swarna Chilakalapudi, parent
    Michelle Boss, parent
    Andrew Ortega, parent