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Update 3/31/20

The 6th grade Math Test for 7th Grade Placement was scheduled to be administered March 30th - April 8th. That test administration will now be delayed, as we are all working from home to help slow the spread of coronavirus in our community. We are scheduled to return May 4th, although that could change based on the community conditions. 

There will be a test administered this school year to 6th grade students to determine math placement for the next school year. The current plan is to administer the test at school when students and teachers return in May. However, if the return is delayed, a placement test will be administered to students at home.  Additional details will be forthcoming if our return to school is delayed beyond May 4th.

La Prueba de Matemáticas de 6o grado para la Colocación de 7o Grado fue programada para ser administrada del 30 de marzo al 8 de abril. Esa administración de pruebas se retrasará ahora, ya que todos estamos trabajando desde casa para ayudar a frenar la propagación del coronavirus en nuestra comunidad.  

Habrá un examen administrado este año escolar a estudiantes de 6to grado para determinar la colocación de matemáticas para el próximo año escolar. El plan actual es administrar el examen en la escuela cuando los estudiantes y maestros regresen en mayo. Sin embargo, si la declaración se retrasa, se administrará una prueba de colocación a los estudiantes en casa. Se darán detalles adicionales si nuestro regreso a la escuela se retrasa más allá del 4 de mayo.  


本學年將對六年級學生進行數學分班測驗,以確認學生下一學年的數學課程班級安排。 目前的計劃是在5月學生和老師返回學校後,在學校內進行測試。 但是,如果延遲返回學校,學生將會於家中完成測驗。 如果返校時間延後到5月4日之後,將會提供更多的資訊。


Secondary Math Placement Information Nights  - 6th-Grade-Parent-Presentation (pdf)

Parents of 6th grade students - 2020 Secondary Math Placement Information Nights 

Please note: Due to space limitations, please attend only the session scheduled for your child's school site.

Date (Time: 6 to 7:00 pm) Junior High
Tuesday, February 4, 2020  Horner MPR
Tuesday, February 11, 2020 Walters Library
Wednesday, February 12, 2020 Centerville Gym
Tuesday, March 10, 2020 Thornton Large gym
Monday, March 23, 2020 Hopkins M-1


Empowering students to think mathematically using exploration!

Susan Lemke, Program Manager - Secondary ( 

  • Fremont Unified Secondary Math Pathways (added 6/19/19)
  • Secondary Math Pathways (converted Powerpoint)

SB 359: The Math Placement Act of 2015 - Request to Review Math Placement

Senate Bill 359 requires school districts with 8th grades and/or 9th grades to develop, establish, and implement fair, objective and transparent mathematics placement policies that consider multiple objective measures (i.e. California statewide assessments, and student course grades) as the basis for placement and permit multiple checkpoints to assess placement accuracy and student progress, especially at the start of the academic year.

The following Fremont Unified School District existing Board policies and practices provide a transparent placement policy which meets the requirements of Senate Bill 359 - The Math Placement Act of 2015:

  1. Use multiple objective academic measures of student performance for placement
    • 6th grade math placement test assessment data
    • State assessment data (SBAC)
    • Local assessment data (district benchmarks)
    • 6th grade math grade.
    • 8th grade course and grade
    • State assessment data
    • Local assessment data
    • Initial Secondary Math Placement is made at the end of 6th grade. Multiple measures include:
    • Academic Measures used for placement in 9th grade:
  2. Include at least one placement checkpoint within the first month of the school year to ensure accurate placement
    • Math assessment administered to all 9th graders within the first three weeks of school
    • Placement Checkpoint:
  3. Examine aggregate student placement data annually to ensure students who are qualified to progress in math based on performance are not held back on the basis of their race, ethnicity, gender, or socio-economic background
    • Math assessment is administered to all 9th graders within the first three weeks of school to ensure accurate placement
    • Number of students by course with grade distribution
    • 8th grade course completion
    • Summer math course performance data
    • Examination of student placement data:
  4. Offer clear and timely recourse for each student and his or her parent or legal guardian who questions the student’s placement
    • Students and parents participate in a course selection process each school year
    • Students and parents are able to provide additional information to assist with placement decisions
    • Academic guidance services are available to help students select courses relevant to their academic needs
    • Recourse for students and parents:

More information regarding SB 359 [↗] the California Mathematics Placement Act of 2015. (