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Elementary Hybrid Q&A

help with headerQuestion and Answer (Q&A): The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and responses may be helpful as you review return to in-person learning plans. (as of 3/3/21)

FUSD recognizes there may be a preference for your elementary student to remain with their teacher regardless of the instructional delivery model. While we cannot guarantee all students will remain with their current teacher, we will make every effort to accommodate our families.

FUSD will establish the staffing parameters based on student needs as identified in the declaration process. Once we set that staffing for the remainder of the year there will likely be very little flexibility for changes. Please make a declaration based on what you believe is best for your family/student. 

You may submit an additional response and FUSD will use the last submitted answer with your information/you child’s information as the final declaration.

At the elementary level, students who choose hybrid in-person instruction, they will be split into AM and PM groups. Both groups will attend school in-person two days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday), but AM will come in the morning and PM will come in the afternoon. Wednesdays will be a remote day for all hybrid in-person students.

Hybrid schools will not be the same as pre-pandemic schooling. Students will need to remain physically distant, be in a mask/face covering at all times, and be focused on good hygiene practices too. This, combined with less overall students on campus, a modified instructional model, and a shorter in person school day will be a very different experience from prior schooling. However, the social interaction, face to face learning, the communication, and the community will be incredibly beneficial as well. 

Both groups will attend school in-person two days per week where group A attends on Monday and Tuesday and group B attends on Thursday and Friday. On the days they are not in-person, they will join their classes remotely according to the schedules. See: Schedule Sample

Schools will make every effort to keep siblings in the same schedule as practicable at the elementary school level.

Parents/guardians may walk their child to school, but may not come onto campus to walk their child to their classroom. For safety reasons, we want to minimize the number of adults on campus and the amount of overall interaction of the adults around school. As such, we ask that parents also remain in their cars when dropping kids off at school. 

Once in-person,hybrid classes begin,families will receive their individual school drop-off/pick-up procedures. Campuses will utilize multiple entrance/exit points to minimize crowds entering/leaving campus.

We will work with our school principals and teachers to ensure we continue to support the immersion model. As with Distance Learning, we are working collaboratively with our State and Federal program staff and classroom teachers to ensure we support second language learning for students in the immersion program.

At this time, lunches will be a pick up/grab and go process.

Recess time will be staggered to limit numbers of students outside at once; specific schedules are site determined. Snacks will be eaten outside the classroom, weather and air quality permitting, in a designated outdoor space marked area by cohort with social distancing markers. There may be specific, rotating assignments on the field/grounds for each stable cohort. Recess equipment will be shared only within stable cohorts. Play structures will be available by assigned groups with physical distancing; students must wash hands before and after use. Physical distancing guidelines apply during recess and students must keep masks on while outside.