Horner Clubs

  • There are many clubs available to Horner students! Here are some of this year's offerings...

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    When the Club Meets

    What this club is about

    Art Club

    Ferry, 20

    Third Thursdays at lunch

     The art club is open to every student at Horner! We are finishing painting the 50's transformer this year. The paint is permanent, so wear clothes that can get paint on them forever!


    McNeary, 54

     after school  Come learn the basics of cheer. 


    Muehling. 44

    Wednesdays at lunch

     The Horner Christian Experience exists to give glory to God by having students share their experiences of faith. We discuss Christian videos and Bible verses and share how God's Word, the Bible, is relevant today.


    Vogel, 50

    Not until 2nd semester

     The drama club helps students explore the world and different jobs required for a play. At the end of the year, drama club also puts on a play that is open for students and parents to attend. 


    Nathan, 7

    1st and 3rd Tuesdays at lunch

     Future Business Leaders of America Unite! We do fundraisers, learn about Profit and Loss and also go for business Competitions. Please listen in to upcoming announcements to find out when the next meeting is. 


    Cruz, MU

     Monday lunches  Gay Straight Alliance Club offers a space to ALL students to feel free to be themselves and to promise equality for all. 

    Homework Help

    Chiu, 10

    Tuesday lunches Miss Chiu and two math club students will be available to help with homework for any subject. Bring assignments and your lunch to eat while you work. Lunch line passes are available if needed.


    Valencia, 52

    2nd Tuesdays at Lunch

     We aspire to help, share or give without expecting anything in return as it is truly said, The smallest good deed is worth a thousand grand intentions. To bring the change we have to become the change. As said - “Change your thoughts and you change your world.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale​.We work to bring a change in our world.


    Chiu, 10

     lunch  Horner Math Club is meant to inspire, challenge students, to meet friends and to have a good time while learning.


    Lorigan, MU

    1st Tuesday at lunch

     It is the leadership class for all the music students. 



     lunch  In charge of handing out PE equipment in the morning and at lunchtime also helps with ordering PE equipment.

    RL Culture Club

    Caine, 55

    1st and 3rd Wednesdays at lunch

    Find out what kids from the Romance Language countries do for fun! We play games, watch movies, try popular treats and even play around with a little Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.   Everyone welcome! (Club webpage here)


    Whalley, 21

    The robotics club makes and designs robots with legos and learns how to program them.

    Tech Robotics

    Aggarwal, 11

    Tuesday after-school from 2:35-3:30 pm

     Competitive robotics preparation while having fun!


    Monk, Vogel & Kendall as needed  A group for eighth graders to support incoming students. Learn leadership skills and set a positive tone for Horner. Applications due in the Spring for the following year.