Vikings Irvington High School, Enrollment

Melissa Espinoza

Phone: 510.687.5711 Ext. 46458
Fax: 510.623.9805 


2017-2018 Enrollment

Registration begins March 1st, by appointment ONLY .

You can come to the IHS main office to pick up the enrollment packet between 8:30 am and 3:00pm OR you can download the forms & instructions below. Make sure you download ALL 3 of the required forms and information/instructions. Please make an appointment.  Please be sure that the documents you submit, especially transcripts and immunizations, are current and in English before you come in to registration appointment.

Students new to FUSD will have to take a math placement test. The math placement test will be held  
August 17th. Reporting time 8:45am & test: 9:00- 9:45am check in: main office 
* WE DO NOT PRE-ENROLL students coming from out-of-state OR out-of-country. Once the student
is in Fremont, their family has established permanent residency in our attendance area and can provide residence documentation, the parent/guardian may complete the enrollment packet and contact the registrar to make an appointment. We cannot make exceptions to this policy. 

* Different districts have different High School requirements and courses. Student's classes will be based
on current classes math placement tests, AND available courses. 

* You CAN make class requests however, request will depend on met requirements AND availability. 
* Class schedules will NOT be available until August during Maze Day. 
*9th Graders are not allowed to take AP courses.  
* All incoming new students will need to take a math placement test in spring (MAY 11th at 2:45, in the Norse Hall).
Please Note: once your student has taken the placement exam, this is where the student will be placed
and the pathway he/she will follow.  
2017-2018 Registration Forms: 
For course catalog please click on the following link:
For more information on transitioning to Irvington High School, click on the following link
for an informational brochure:


Leaving Irvington?

If you are leaving Irvington High School you need to have a parent/guardian contact your Attendance Clerk. A checkout sheet will be generated which you will need to bring to your teachers/library to sign. Your next step is to take the sign out sheet to your attendance clerk. Your attendance clerk will check for any overdue books, etc. YOU CANNOT CHECK OUT WITHOUT ALL THE REQUIRED SIGNATURES. Your final stop will be with the Registrar. You will be given a copy of the checkout sheet and a copy of your transcript to take to your new school. If you owe money or have missing books, your new school will receive an unofficial copy of your transcripts. Schools require an official copy to give you credit for the classes you have taken. So it is best to pay all your debts as you are leaving.