• Donations to Irvington High School

    If you would like to make a donation to our school library and/or our technology needs, please click on the links below. Your generous donations will be processed securely by PayPal and managed by our PTSA. You may also support our school's PTSA by shopping at AmazonSmile (See the link and information below).
     For Our School Library:
    ** Our library operates on a budget of less than $1 per student per year, far less than the national average of $6 per student, while remaining an award-winning library with high circulation. Your donations help us provide the outstanding services our kids deserve. **
            Your donation to our school library will go toward:
    -  Students' printing and copying needs (over $1,000 each year)
    -  Purchasing popular fiction and literature to help students complete outside reading assignments and develop a lifelong love of reading
    -  Updating our collection of non-fiction books, especially to support students in our research and benchmark projects
    - Expanding our e-book library so students have access to updated electronic books on our computers or their own devices
    - Provide access to paid online academic databases and multimedia resources for students' research projects
     For Our School Technology:
    *Our school district did provide about 175 chromebooks for each high school for general student use, but that's not nearly enough for the 2,500 students we have at our school. *
       Your donation for our school technology will go toward:
    - Upgrading our over 600 donated school computers (average age of our school computers is over 8 years old!) It costs $150 to upgrade each computer or $600 to replace 
    - Ceiling/wall-mount LCD projector in each classroom ($200 per classroom)
    - Replace broken keyboards and mice ($20 per computer) 
    - Projector bulbs in computer labs
    - Other basic tech needs like network switches, surge protectors, cables, compressed air dusters, display screen cleaner, etc.
    Donate to PTSA by shopping at Smile.Amazon.com
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    The first time you log on, select 3306 Irvington High PTSA as your charity.
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    No additional fees will be charged to you when you use this site.
    Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to our Irvington PTSA.
    AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service.
     As of March of 2017, Amazon's app on smartphones does not work with Amazon Smile yet. If you shop from your smartphone, you will need to do the following once on each device:
    • Open a web browser like Safari and go to smile.amazon.com.
    • Touch the button in the middle (looks like a box with an arrow) at the bottom.
    • Touch Add to Home Screen.
    • Touch Add.
    Click this icon from your home screen on your phone to browse and shop Amazon as opposed to the Amazon app. 
    • Hold your finger on the original Amazon app until it wiggles.
    • Touch the black ‘X’ to delete the app from your iPhone/iPad. You will see an alert that your
    Amazon data will be deleted. This will not delete your Amazon account or any of your wish
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