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    The Fremont Education Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt, public charity, established in 1991, to encourage increased community involvement and investment in our schools. Our members include parents, educators, school administrators, business people, and others from our community. Click the logo to visit the Fremont Education Foundation's website.
    FEF is an independent foundation that works closely with, but is separate from, the Fremont Unified School District. 
    FEF is also a proud member of the Fremont Chamber of Commerce since 2001. 
    What FEF Provides
    The Fremont Education Foundation currently funds three major programs within the Fremont Unified School District:
    • After-school band programs open to 4th through 6th graders at all elementary schools.
    • Teacher grants in support of innovative, quality classroom programs in grades K-12. The intent of these programs is to increase student achievement in academics, creativity, leadership, critical thinking, and visual and performing arts. The goal of the grant program is to encourage new approaches to teaching that may subsequently be implemented elsewhere in the district. Grants often fund the acquisition of materials and equipment that provide years of continuing benefit to the classrooms receiving the awards.
    • Sports wear and equipment scholarships. The Guy Emanuele Sports Fund, aims to encourage greater participation in co-curricular sports and cheerleading by providing financial assistance to students who wish to participate in school-sponsored sports and cheerleading programs but who need financial assistance to acquire necessary equipment and sportswear.
    FEF Achievements
    The Fremont Education Foundation has:
    • Awarded over 97 classroom grants over the past 12 years. Students at 38 elementary, junior high and high schools have benefited from these grants.
    • Established after-school band programs at all 27 elementary schools in Fremont, beginning with the 2000-2001 academic year. This program represents the first time Fremont's elementary students have been able to participate in band instruction on their campuses in over 10 years.
    • Launched a major new program to provide sports equipment and sports wear scholarships to FUSD high school students, starting with the 2003-2004 academic year.
    FEF Fundraising
    FEF relies on the following sources for funds:
    • Personal donations
    • Corporate donations
    • Foundation grants
    • Annual Telethon
    • Annual Excellence in Education gala
    • Other fundraising events
    Vision Statements
    The Fremont Education Foundations vision for its future is that:
    • The Foundation is recognized as the primary organization for enhancing educational opportunities in the Fremont Unified School District schools.
    • The Foundation has all the volunteers that are needed, organized to help deliver and grow Foundation programs.
    • The Foundation Board consists of members who reflect the diversity of the educational and business community.
    • The Foundation Board has an effective succession plan to develop and replace dedicated, hardworking Board members.
    • The Foundations After-School Band Program is strong, fully-funded and self-sustaining, with broad community support.
    • The Foundations Innovative Education Grant Program is strong and growing.
    • The Foundations Guy Emanuele Sports Fund Program is strong and growing.
    • The Foundation has clear, defined criteria for expanding programs to support its Mission, and uses the criteria to make decisions.
    • The Foundation has stable, predictable funding to pay operating expenses for multiple years and to support growth.
    • The Foundation has a broad base of support and financial contributions from the business community.
    • The community understands the unique role of the Foundation, including
      • The relationship between the Foundation and the Fremont Unified School District
      • The differences between the Foundation and other organizations that support our schools (e.g.: booster clubs, PTSAs)
      • The Foundations reliance upon donations from business, individuals and foundations to fund its programs
    The Foundation has the right technology and systems in place to support its programs and mission.
Last Modified on December 12, 2014