• Lenin Castro

     I am a Combat Veteran of the United States Marine Corps originally from New York City and I am currently pursuing a PhD in Sports Management. My aspirations are to work with all students, student-athletes, and professional athletes as a Coach, Administrator, or Professor in order to help them achieve their goals and bring the best out of them. As I am finishing my dissertation, it is my hope to learn the necessary skills, tools, and leadership qualities needed in order to become the best scholar possible to reach my full potential as a person.
    Entering my 2nd year at Oliveira, while having worked for 7 years as a Teacher on Special Assignment in Physical Education, along with my experience as a Combat Veteran of the Marine Corps, I have acquired a vast amount of experience working with different diversities and students with various academic and athletic backgrounds. Having coached for over 10 years after my military service, I have had the privilege of coaching kids in various sports from grades 5-12. In the end, bringing the best out of every student and student-athlete is my personal goal and teaching physical education and coaching sports is the bridge I use to do that.
    Teaching my student-athletes the skills necessary (respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, and character development) to be successful in their respective sports is no different than teaching them the skills necessary to be successful in life. Correlating all values learned by sports and life is the center piece of my philosophy when teaching and coaching students in order to better serve my field and society as a whole. I hope I can be a blessing to many students here at Oliveira for as long as I can.