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    January 2019

    The  month of January is usually known for making “New Year’s Resolutions”. This might mean breaking old habits, starting new endeavors, or committing to bettering ourselves and our community. As you know, Fremont Unified staff, parents, and students have been participating in input gathering activities for our district’s Portrait of a Fremont Graduate campaign. Over 100 different stakeholder groups submitted ideas to consider, which we then put into a survey to narrow down the lifelong traits and skills we want to instill in our students before they move on to the next part of their lives.

    The survey yielded nearly 4,000 responses: 46% of respondents were FUSD students; 39% were parents; and 14% were staff. While all of the items listed are important--and we will keep each of them in mind as we educate our students--the following characteristics rose to the top with over 75% of respondents saying that these should be the highest priority for Fremont Unified to focus on:

    • Communicating effectively
    • Post high school options and how to access them (college & career readiness)
    • Thinking critically/independently
    • Learning from mistakes/failures
    • Making good/rational decisions
    • Managing emotions/stress/mental health
    • Problem solving
    • Being accountable for one’s actions
    • Truthfulness/honesty
    • Responsible for self/others
    • Kind, compassionate, empathic, considerate

    In the spirit of the new year of 2019, we will finalize the campaign this month by creating a visual representation contest for our students to participate in and bring the finalists to the Board for adoption as our emblem of what it means to be a Fremont Graduate. Then, the hard work begins: consciously aligning our resources, intentions, projects, and educational programs to the qualities we are resolving to in our district.

    I want to thank everyone who shared their thoughts during the outreach sessions, the survey, and in the upcoming visual representation contest. Have a great start to 2019!

    December 2018

    As we make our way to winter break and the busy holiday season, I'd like to address a challenging issue our community faced recently. The recent Camp Fire in Butte County brought unprecedented destruction to communities like Paradise, California, and has affected thousands through loss of homes and businesses. Our partners at the Fremont Education Foundation are assisting in the Camp Fire relief efforts. Monetary donations may be made on their website to help affected families and Butte County schools. 100% of the donations will go directly to those in need.

    The impact of this fire was also felt here in Fremont as smoke settled over our city for nearly two weeks. The resulting air quality caused by the smoke posed a difficult challenge for our campuses as we worked to limit outdoor exposure for our students and staff. District administration monitored the air quality index continually and maintained contact with state and county agencies to ensure we were maintaining the highest level of safety possible. We instituted our 'rainy day' schedules when necessary, bringing students indoors for lunch, recess and PE classes. We utilized our two-way radios as a quick communication tool to relay information to Principals as conditions changed.

    As the air quality deteriorated before Thanksgiving, the decision was made by myself and fellow Alameda County Superintendents to cancel school on November 16th. It was also agreed we will be meeting in the near future to discuss protocols for dealing with similar situations in the future. Consistency in our communications and decision-making is key to progress.

    I thank you for your patience and cooperation as we dealt with a unique situation - one we will learn from and make the necessary adjustments to our policies and procedures.

    With the arrival of the holidays, I wish you and your family a safe and joyous season.

    Kim Wallace, Ed.D

    Fremont Unified School District

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