• Kim Wallace Office of the Superintendent

    November 2017

    All school districts have their challenges and Fremont Unified is no different. While many districts struggle in other areas, our most major challenge is a direct result of how excellent our schools are. Over the past several years, our enrollment growth has been outpacing other cities in the Bay Area. New housing developments and turnover of existing homes has brought in families from all over the world to attend our highly-rated schools. Fremont’s reputation for providing a superb education is well-deserved and we are committed to doing so now and in the future.

    However, there are real concerns that we have to regularly grapple with, such as overloading more than 2,400 elementary-age students to schools outside of their neighborhoods, installing more and more portable buildings on our campuses, and stretching student enrollment capacities well over our ideal numbers at more than half of our schools.

    With steady growth in enrollment slated for the next five to seven years, the big question is: How will we address such growth while keeping educational standards high? It will take all of the strategies listed here and more to address our greatest challenge:

    • Moving to the middle school model starting with Walters and Horner in 2019-20, followed by Thornton, Centerville, and Hopkins in the coming years, will create space at the elementary level as the 6th graders move on to middle school.
    • Executing all of the projects outlined in the Measure E Bond will modernize learning environments, repair outdated structures, and maximize infrastructure to support future expansion.
    • Continuing to leverage all funding options such as collecting Level 3 Developer Fees to mitigate the impact of new home developments on the district, submitting construction projects for Prop 51 State Bond reimbursement, and reaching out to the public for input to fund future schools.
    • Collaborating with the City of Fremont to address our shared concerns such as traffic, the impact of housing on schools, and developing joint projects to make Fremont more livable and family-friendly.

    Finally, and most importantly, we couldn’t do it without you. The truth that is greater than our challenge is that people in Fremont care deeply about its schools. We see this on a daily basis as volunteers work in classrooms, parents provide resources of all kinds to support activities, and committed folks all over the city work on creative ideas and partnerships to launch FUSD to the next level. You understand firsthand that our reputation for excellence is unsurpassed and we count on you now and in the future to help keep it so. Thank you for your continued support--no challenge is bigger than we are!

    Kim Wallace, Ed.D
    Fremont Unified School District



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