S C H O O L    H O M E W O R K    P L A N

    In accordance with Board Policy 6154, Millard School has adopted the following Homework Plan:

    • The total time for student homework will be within the district adopted standards. Average minutes per night:

      • Kindergarten = 15 min.
      • Grades 1, 2, and 3 = 30 min.
      • Grade 4 = 45 min.
      • Grade 5 and 6 = 60 min.
    • Homework will be reasonable in expectation, appropriate to the developmental needs of the students, and relevant to instruction.

    • Homework will be reviewed, and feedback will be given to students in a timely manner.

    • Students with excused absences will be allowed the same number of days as absences to complete homework.

    • Teachers will communicate classroom homework plans to parents and students in writing and at Back-to-School Night.

    • This School Homework Plan will be re-evaluated annually and communicated to parents in our newsletter and on our website.