• Campus Rules and Reminders...

    RESTROOMSOnly Oliveira students are permitted to use the student restrooms on campus.  Adults who wish to use the restrooms need to go to the office and use the restroom in the healthcare room.

    CELL PHONES: Students in grades K—6 are not allowed to carry cell phones and/or pagers at school unless the principal has given that student specific written approval (Board Policy).   Student and parent(s) must sign a letter stating why the phone is necessary.  Phones must be kept turned OFF at school.

    CLASSROOM ACCESS: Classrooms will not be unlocked after school for ANY reason.  Items left behind will have to wait until the next school day to be picked up.

    DROPPING OFF ITEMS: All homework, projects or other materials forgotten at home must be delivered to the  table outside the office.  Oliveira DOES NOT allow class interruptions to deliver messages, homework or other forgotten items. Students should check the table outside the office at recess and their lunchtime.

    LUNCHES: School lunches are $3.00.  Please make checks payable to “CNS” and make sure your child’s name AND room number are written on the “Memo” line at the bottom of the check.  On-line payment now available and this can be accessed by going to the FUSD homepage Quicklinks and click on “My Nutrikids On-Line Meal Payment”

    Emergency Meals are always available for students who lose or forget their lunch or lunch money.  Payment is expected the next day.  Only two (2) consecutive meals may be charged to your student’s account.  Students will then be offered a cheese sandwich and milk until payment is received.

    Forgotten Lunches should be brought directly to the table outside the office.  Please make sure the lunch is labeled with your child’s name and room number.    ALL STUDENTS SHOULD CHECK THE TABLE OUTSIDE THE OFFICE TO CHECK FOR FORGOTTEN LUNCHES BEFORE GOING TO THE CAFETERIA.