Website Concerns

    WE want to hear from you. If your comment is about an exact web page please include url. If it is about a school website please mention the school name. Thank You fusdweb@fremont.k12.ca.us

    Note: If you would like to make a complaint it is a different process.


    7/25/17- UPDATE - Recent Upgrade "Flex Editor App" is not available - all pages have been changed over to "Content App" this should not affect many users but if you see this Alert ... (Learn More)
    Alert - html will be changed
    SAVE YOUR CODE I would click OK on the alert and Cancel (not Save) in Site Manager - go to the page in your browser - save as html so you have code back up - if not it will delete code with next Save in Site Manager. Then you need to separate the html - most likely iFrames, Embeds, or other .js code <script> tags and <style> tags - decide if you really need them - and add a new "Embed App" to the page for the tags.

    Site Manager has changed - now you need to click on the grey box to open your editor.
    Having problems with a web page? Reload - click the browser circle arrow  while Holding Down the shift key

    Second step if you are having problems with Site Manager
    Please Clear Your Browser Cache (History) Completely Follow Steps at www.refreshyourcache.com external link [↗]

    [↗] = this symbol represents a link that goes to an external website
    The District or school websites are placed in accordance with copyright law and do not infringe on the rights of or harm others in any way.

    To accomplish this we are taking three steps:

    District Use of Social Media (Board Policy - January 28, 2015 - in BoardDocs)
    If you have a concern about material placed on our website, please fusdweb@fremont.k12.ca.us 

Goal of the District and School website network

Support the Mission of the Board of Education and the initiatives of the District departments and staff. Focus on exceptional customer service for District families and the community. Distribute timely and accurate information about opportunities that educate, challenge, and inspire our students. Keep our students as the top priority while encouraging teacher, parent and community participation. Act as a valuable resource for FUSD teachers and staff by maintaining a current and accurate collection of information and events to support standard work responsibilities and encourage professional development. Provide the platform, training and support for teachers and staff to create their own web presence to communicate with respective stakeholders. Maintain fiscal responsibility while recognizing technology as an integral part of the evolving learning process. Administer a consistent and aesthetically pleasing website presence that meets the needs of the existing users while attracting new audiences.