P4K Overview

  • Programming For Kids

    Programming For Kids or P4K, for short, is a group of parent volunteers who are passionate about bringing additional technical opportunities and curriculum to all Mattos students. We meet most Friday mornings immediately after dropoff (8:30 AM) in MIT - the Mattos Institute of Technology, also known as Room 15, the Computer Lab.

    In 2013-2014, we worked with School officials and educators to apply for a grant through the Fremont Educational Foundation. We were awarded the grant, and with the money were able to purchase an end-to-end online programming curriculum. Through this curriculum, students from grades 1-6 are given the chance to learn basic computer programming principals through a fun, easy-to-use web-based tool. In addition, P4K parents donated copies of the Robot Turtles boardgame for use in the Kindergarten classrooms. Robot Turtles teaches basic stepwise thinking and problem solving skills needed in computer programming and in life. It also exposes early learners to map concepts and directions, such as telling left from right.

    During the 2014-2015 school year, we expanded our efforts and added an after school "Tech Club". This all-volunteer pilot program offered our students exposure to Web Programming (HTML / CSS), Robotics, Computer Graphics, and Game Design & Development. Read all about it on the Mattos Tech Club page! Educators who want to implement a similar program at their school are especially encouraged to check out the resources available under the Tech Club pages.