• Important Links for Staff
    3) Illuminate (for taking attendance) 
    Request Tech Support (2 ways):
    1) Email help@fusdk12.net
    2) Call the Tech Service Desk at x12611
    Library, Career Center, and Computer Labs
             Lab Calendars: www.irvington.org/labcalendars 
    1) Irvington Library (Please contact Allyson McAuley to reserve library time)
    2) Career Center (Please contact Christine Abogado to use the CC computer lab)
    3) Rooms 62, 94, and P6 Computer Lab Calendars (Please email Anita Young to reserve one of these labs. You may get the keys to the computer labs from the main office. There will be a drop box on her desk for teachers to return keys at the end of each day.)
    4) Room 61 - Greg Canavero's Classroom/ITA Lab (For ITA teachers only) Contact Greg directly to see if he can switch classroom with you when other labs are full.

    Department Carts (Contact Person) - # of Laptops

    - English (Catherine Dinh) - 35 Chromebooks

    - Math/PE (Leon Lee/Sheethal Mohandas) - 35 Chromebooks

    - Social Studies (Lauren Mattingly) 35 Chromebooks

    - Science (Henry Fung) - 35 Chromebooks

    - World Lang (Alberto Ballado) - 35 Windows Laptops

    - Arts/Performing Arts (Jenn Olson) - 35 Chromebooks as well as Rooms 84/104B for digital drawing/photo classes

    - ITA (Henry Fung) - 36 Chromebooks

    - AVID (Marcia Luna) - 35 Windows Laptops 

    - Resource (Minki Yu) - 150 Windows Laptops and Chromebooks distributed among SDC/Resource teachers 

    - Health (Melanie Gavin) - 2 district-assigned carts of 72 Chromebooks